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Author: Nicole

Best Reptile Terrariums Reviewed

Replies make interesting pets. They may not be as emotional and bubbly as cats and dogs but you get to watch their enigmatic behavior which is quite thrilling. More importantly, owning a reptile pet gives you the “I’m not to be messed with” vibe (more power to you pet parent!). But the problems start when your pet snake or lizard looks for adventure beyond its cage. We all know this story never ends well, now don’t we?  Either you obliviously step on your pet lizard and kill it. Or, you end up getting bitten by your own pet snake...

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Best GPS Pet Trackers Reviewed

Let’s face it, as much as we would like our pets to stay within eyesight range, they often never do. Pets like to wander, whether it’s just for curiosity or to get our attention (who knows).it’s just what they do. Sometimes they come back almost immediately, sometimes it takes a little while. Other times, well… let’s just say curiosity ends up killing the cat. If you have ever lost your pet even for just a day, you can agree with me that the anxiety is nerve-racking, to say the least. Why not get ahead of this problem and save...

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Best Canister Filters Reviewed

Ask any aquarium owner and they will tell you that the worst part of owning an aquarium is cleaning. As much as fish are beautiful and perhaps graceful pets to own, cleaning their tiny homes can be a big pain. Nonetheless, cleaning is an important part of maintaining a healthy life for your tiny companions. So, it goes without saying that it must be done and done correctly. Luckily, thanks to technology cleaning your aquarium has never been easier. This is enabled by next level canister filters that not only clean your fish’s home but also oxygenate the water...

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Best Dog Treadmills Reviewed

Exercise is an important activity to perform on a regular basis. It helps us to stay fit, healthy and keeps away diseases. Just as it is good for us, exercise is beneficial for our pets. Our dogs need to walk, jog or run regularly so as to maintain health. Dog treadmills can help in facilitating this activity. Dog treadmills are used by dog owners, trainers, handlers, breeders and veterinarians to deliver specific benefits to their dogs. They observed that treadmills have physical and mental benefits for their dogs. For example, dogs can experience better-toned muscles, focus their energy better...

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Best Horse Saddles Reviewed

We can all agree that horses are among the most majestic creatures on earth (Second to unicorns). For this reason, they should be treated delicately. Part of this caring and delicate treatment consists of getting your horse the right gear which includes a fitting saddle. Being a horse owner, you are aware that horses come in different shapes so obviously, one saddle size doesn’t fit all. So, the big question is, how do you get the right saddle for your horse? We understand that shopping for trail saddles can be very exciting and at the same time very derailing...

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