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Author: Nicole

Best Pet Cameras in 2017 – Top 10

When I first got my dog, the first year of us living together was, let’s just say interesting. I used to have a fairly large ficus tree in my front room. Yes, I did say ”used to” because about three weeks after I got my dog, he decided he wanted to go crazy in my house if I wasn’t home. During his first episode, he decided he didn’t really like the tree that much, and knocked it over. This thing was about five feet high and weighed a fair amount. (Though, to his credit, Max is a brindle-colored Boxer...

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Best Pet Strollers Reviewed

To many, pet strollers seem like a bizarre purchase, especially since when the animal is perfectly capable of walking themselves, but there are many reasons to use a pet stroller with your cat or dog. One of the main reasons to buy a cat stroller or a dog stroller is for easier veterinary visits, as older dogs, a litter of puppies and anxious animals can be difficult to transport successfully and a pet stroller can make this a lot easier. It can also help to save from tiring out your dog when on long walks and difficult terrain, so...

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Best Dog Ramps Reviewed

Long gone are the days when the majority of people treated dogs like just another piece of property. Today dogs are more like family members than just another tool. We give them love and they love us back. Dogs stand by us when others would walk away. With this in mind, it’s only right to give them the best life possible. One way to do this is by helping your dog to move around freely. Some dogs seem to be able to go just about anywhere. If they’re young, energetic, and equipped with long legs the hard part of...

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Best Dog Ball Launcher Reviewed

Every dog owner can truly attest that dogs are man’s best friend. They guard us and keep us company. Some even perform cute stunts that gain us views on youtube (lol). My point is, dogs do so much for us. The least we could do is keep them happy, well fed and most importantly, healthy. A dog ball launcher offers all this. Better yet, it can be used for the busy dog owner who is not around. Moreover, some dogs usually need more exercise than others due to their super active nature. For these types of dogs, simple things...

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Wansview 720P Wifi Wireless Night Vision Camera Review

So, the Wansview is the cheapest camera of the bunch. You could honestly buy six of them for the price of the Pawbo WiFi Pet Cam, which tops our list as best pet camera. But just because something is cheap, does not make it low-quality. A lot of the utility provided by the higher-priced models is the same utility provided by this device. It has a 720p HD camera that streams quality video, and it has a 120 degree viewing angle. The Wansview is basically a mini security camera, and if you don’t need extra features, this might be the camera...

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