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Author: Nicole

Ouvis Veezon VZ1 Security Camera Review

Well, the Veezon is also part of this group of cameras like the Zebora and the PeakTec. By now, you should know the laundry list; 720p camera resolution, teardrop shape, swivel ability, plastic housing.vNight vision, dedicated app, and this one has a QR code for easy setup, like some of our best-rated units. Much like the others in its segment, this camera is also geared more towards overall home and business security and baby monitoring than it is a designed ”Pet Cam.” But as mentioned before, this item works great as a pet cam as long as you’re not looking for...

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Juning 720p Security Cam, WiFi Wireless Review

So this Juning is on the level of the NexGadget, and many of these middle to lower-level cameras are very similar. Like the Zebora and NexGadget, this camera wasn’t really designed as a pet-specific device, but instead is made for everything from baby monitoring to security applications. These types of cameras aren’t all bad; it may be a good choice for you if you’re on a budget. The Juning has an attractive two-tone color scheme with great tilting and panning features. The price is right on Amazon at only around $50.  Obviously, you lose out on a lot of the pet-centric features found...

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NexGadget PeakTec IP Cam Review

So this PeakTec is another affordable and easy to use security camera. It’s camera resolution is only 720p, slightly less than the last camera we covered, but it’s still a pretty solid unit. Just like the Zebora, it has 2-way audio, tilt functions, night vision, and motion detection. It’s also geared toward the ”Nanny Cam/Baby Cam” and security markets, but works just fine as a pet monitoring device. Similar to the Zebora, this camera has a pretty decent motion sensor that sends you ”push notifications” or records directly to an SD card in the camera if you have one installed. FEATURES Let’s go...

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Zebora Baby Monitor 960p Pet Monitor Review

So ths Zebora is a rock-solid barebones camera with good picture quality. Unlike a lot of the previously reviewed units, the Zebora Baby Monitor was not engineered for pets in mind. (Just in case you couldn’t guess by the product’s name!) However, don’t let this dissuade you from giving the Zebora a long hard look in your quest. It has a sturdy and svelte design in piano black, has good tilting and panning features, and ha a fairly legit 960p resolution and picture quality. The price is very good; Amazon has it listed at $79. Yes, you could buy 2 of these for...

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iFamCare Helmet Remote Monitor Review

O.K., so now we’re technically stepping out of the world of strictly ”pet cams” and into the world of baby monitors and security devices. Of course, these devices can also be used most of the time to check on and entertain your pets. The obvious positive that comes with reviewing and using these devices is that they have multiple uses. If you have a baby or even just a younger toddler that you want to check in on via video, this might be able to help you out. Then when out of town (hopefully you have your baby or toddler with you, or...

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