Exercise is an important activity to perform on a regular basis. It helps us to stay fit, healthy and keeps away diseases. Just as it is good for us, exercise is beneficial for our pets. Our dogs need to walk, jog or run regularly so as to maintain health. Dog treadmills can help in facilitating this activity.

Dog treadmills are used by dog owners, trainers, handlers, breeders and veterinarians to deliver specific benefits to their dogs. They observed that treadmills have physical and mental benefits for their dogs. For example, dogs can experience better-toned muscles, focus their energy better and have more vitality as a result of using treadmills regularly. Moreover, you can use a dog treadmill to modify the behavior of your dog.

Today, there are dog treadmills which are designed and built for the modern dog owner. They are affordable, long lasting, portable and easy to use by any pet owner. These ones are constructed for various dog weight classes, gait and sizes. As such, there is a treadmill to fit every dog today.

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Many dog owners wonder how long they have to train their dogs on this device. While the average training session lasts for 45 minutes, the length of time that you should train your dog actually depends on you and your dog.

Every dog is unique, just like their owner. Therefore, it takes some time to teach your dog how to walk on a treadmill. In addition to that, the results take varying periods of time to emerge. Thankfully, many dogs tend to learn and accept to train on the dog treadmill within a week.

Modern dog treadmills come with instructional resources such as a fitness guidance book, an instructional DVD and a journal. Moreover, there is often a special resource known as a Quickstart. This one helps you and your dog to get accustomed to the treadmill in the shortest time possible so as to begin working out.




Dogs are man’s best friend and are the most commonly kept pets today. If you have a dog, it is important to keep it healthy. In addition to good nutrition, your dog needs exercise. The Domestic Pet Dog Treadmills Gopet Treadwheel is an electronic unit for this purpose. Your dog can get on it and walk, jog or sprint as part of their fitness regimen.

This treadmill can be used by dogs of various sizes. Moreover, it is ideal for big dogs because it measures 100 inches long and 34 inches wide. It also has guard rails which are 20 inches high and a weight capacity of 265 pounds. Thus, it can comfortably accommodate even a large dog.

The Domestic Pet Dog Treadmills Gopet Treadwheel has a variable speed setting. You can change the speed from 0.6 – 7.5 MPH to allow for speed training your dog. Moreover, the system works safely and silently to ensure a comfortable training environment.

 It has the option of remote or manual speed control, an emergency safety stop button and a dog chain holder. By using these features, you can effectively train your dog and maintain his fitness by controlling the settings on your treadmill accordingly.

 The treadmill has an Air Step Incline system which allows you to increase or decrease its angle of incline. As a result, you can vary the difficulty of your dog’s exercise. You can also fold the entire Domestic Pet Dog Treadmills Gopet Treadwheel for easier storage.

 The running platform is located at a l. ow height. As such, your dog can climb upon it easily. Moreover, the silent action and guard rails help to eliminate fear or shyness. Overall, the safety locking system makes sure that you and your dog are safe while using the unit. This treadmill weighs 280 pounds.


 Its size might be intimidating for smaller dogs. The high rails make it look large and cavernous to a medium or small dog.

If you use this treadmill outdoors and it starts to drizzle or snow, your dog is not protected from the elements.


 The Domestic Pet Dog Treadmills Gopet Treadwheel is made of UV resistant material. Hence, you can use it indoors or outdoors

It as a heavy duty running mat which is safe and soft for your dog’s paws encouraging longer periods of exercise.

 The treadwheel is built upon a stable platform which stays upright even when heavy dogs run upon it..

The saddle is available in sizes 14 to 17. Moreover, you can get it in black or brown colors. The stirrups have a measurement of 2″ xDue to the way it is constructed, this treadwheel is easy to clean. With some water and a cloth, you can wipe its frame and the running belt too.

If you have a large dog, this treadmill is the ideal fitness accessory for it. Measuring 100 inches long, it is big enough for your dog’s strides. With a weight capacity of 265 pounds, it can support your heavy pet. You can control the treadmill remotely and enjoy the freedom to move around your house as your dog exercises. Moreover, by varying the speed or incline angle, you can increase or decrease the exercise difficulty for your dog. It is a good accessory to ensure that your big dog gets the fitness that they require every day. Available at an affordable price, the Domestic Pet Dog Treadmills Gopet Treadwheel is a great unit to get for your large, furry friend.


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To keep your dog in top health condition throughout, you should invest in its fitness. One of the machines you can use for this is the dogPACER Folding Treadmill.

This is a computerized fitness unit and comes ready with some exercise programs already programmed into it. Moreover, you can create customized exercise routines for your dog and save them in the onboard memory.

Due to its length of 71 inches and width of 16.4 inches, this treadmill can support medium to large dogs. Its platform is made of carbon steel and can support a maximum weight of 180 pounds. After your dog has completed its fitness routine, you can fold the treadmill to a size of only 42.28″L x 22″W x 8.5″H which makes it easy to store.

To provide your dog with a more comprehensive fitness experience, the dogPACER Folding Treadmill has adjustable speed. You can change it from 0.5 MPH (miles per hour) to 7.5MPH. You can also adjust the angle of incline by picking from different settings. They include 5, 6.5, 7.5 and 9 degrees. This allows you to change the exercise difficulty level.

Out of all the dog treadmills in the market right now, the dogPACER treadmill has the lowest price tag and therefore is quite affordable. It also provides you with high value. When you buy this treadmill, you get an eXtreme Dog Fence, training clicker and whistle set included in the package.


The dogPACER Folding Treadmill can arrive with some parts bent out of shape. A consumer has complained about bent prongs that prevented the track from running due to bad packaging.

 The guard rails on this treadmill are so light. Hence, they do not offer much support in case your dog leans on them for a rest in between exercise sessions.


The dogPACER Folding Treadmill comes with a warranty to cover any problems that you may experience while using it. As long as it is a manufacturer’s defect, the problem can be solved for you at no cost whatsoever.

This treadmill makes use of a heavy duty belt that is textured. It is able to maximize the grip of your pet’s paws as they walk, jog or run on the machine to make the exercise routine more effective.

 The dogPACER Folding Treadmill has a pair of branded guard rails on both sides to keep your dog safely confined on the treadmill. They provide safety for you and prevent your dog from getting distracted by items or other people in the room.

The dogPACER Folding Treadmill is a good treadmill for medium to large dogs. Moreover, you can adjust its speed and angle of incline. This makes an exercise routine easier or more difficult to perform for the benefit of your pet. It is affordable and comes with some free accessories. The machine runs quietly. Thus, it will not scare your dog during operation. Its foldable nature makes it very easy to store as such, you can bring it out only for exercise and not have it as a permanent fixture in your house. For its low price, the dogPACER Folding Treadmill gives a lot of value.


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One of the activities which we all need to stay healthy is regular exercise. This also applies to our dogs. They are loyal and provide companionship the least you can do is keep your dog fit by using the PetRun Dog Treadmill.

This is a specially-made treadmill for dogs that weigh up to 132 pounds and is for small to medium sized dogs.

The running space on this treadmill measures 52 by 16 inches. In addition to this, the overall machine measures 70 inches long, 25 inches wide and 11 inches high. It has enough space for your dog to walk, jog or run. This treadmill also has the lowest platform in the market. As such, small dogs can climb on it quite easily.

The PetRun Dog Treadmill can accommodate one dog or many of them all at the same time. This allows you to save on fitness time and energy if you have more than one dog and boosts user-friendliness.

This machine also has an air cylinder Auto-Fold which automatically folds the machine for you after your dog is done exercising. The treadmill also weighs only 7.7 pounds and is easy to store.

Due to its silent drive system, this machine operates quietly and keeps your dog comfortable as he exercises. The PetRun Dog Treadmill also has a safety lock system. This is a feature that you can use to protect yourself or your dog from getting hurt accidentally by the machine.


The PetRun Dog Treadmill has very low guard rails. They are not effective for support or maintaining pet focus.

 The PetRun Dog Treadmill is not effective for outdoor use. It has exposed wire and it does not have a shade. This limits its use to only indoor spaces.

 Many dog treadmills normally have settings that help you to adjust its incline angle and make the exercise more challenging. This treadmill does not have this feature.


 Exercising your dog on the PetRun Dog Treadmill can help to develop its muscle tone, vitality, and muscle definition. It also prevents the accumulation of excess energy which leads to destructive behavior. Moreover, you are able to prevent your dog from developing any heart or joint problems.

 You can use the PetRun Dog Treadmill to exercise your dog every day no matter how bad the weather outside is. This treadmill provides a convenient alternative in cases of bad weather.

 One of the characteristics of the treadmill is that you can adjust its speed from 0.6MPH to 7.5MPH. By using special buttons and dials, you can adjust how fast the machine runs. Moreover, you can set a timer on it to help measure the performance of your dog for progressive speed or strength training.  

If you want to keep your small or medium sized dog fit and healthy, the PetRun Dog Treadmill is an ideal machine to use. It is designed to accommodate dogs of up to 132 pounds. Moreover, it can actually handle more than one dog at a time. Hence, your dog and its siblings or furry friends can exercise together. You can adjust its speed too. In this way, you can determine the difficulty of your dog’s exercise sessions and make him stronger. Fitted with safety features and a timer, the PetRun Dog treadmill is an ideal exercise machine for your dog.


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Exercise is important for our dogs. Well known as loving companions and loyal protectors, dogs need regular fitness. You can achieve this using the PetZen Dog Treadmill. It is specially designed to provide your dog with exercise while also adapting to the thinking methods and movements of your pet.

The running space on this treadmill has a low profile. It is also designed to encourage an open stride and the development of proper walking and running gait. To help you control the exercise routine for your dog, the PetZen Dog Treadmill has an onboard computer console. You can use it to program the treadmill’s speed from 0 to 5MPH (miles per hour). The unit also comes with a collection of workouts already pre-programmed into it.

PetZen Dog Treadmill has a SlimLINE design to provide an attractive, portable and effective surface for your dog to exercise upon. This one saves some space on the nose and sides of the unit. The treadmill measures 44 by 20 by 21 inches and weighs only 47 pounds. In addition to that, it’s running space measures 30 by 14 inches.

 The design of this treadmill makes it only applicable for small dog breeds. These are dogs that weigh a maximum of 30 lbs. Examples of small breeds are Chihuahuas and Shihtzus. The treadmill is very quiet and has no vibration. Hence, it cannot startle your dog. Moreover, it is designed to complement and work out the physical features of small dog breeds.

The settings in the console can help your dog to learn how to walk on a treadmill if it has never done so before. Once it gets a hang of the exercise, you can increase the speed of the unit and also adjust its incline using a flip-bar. By making these adjustments, you can make the exercise routine more difficult for your dog and achieve fitness goals. There are no bolts or hooks to manipulate to make this adjustment.

CONS  The computer console often presents an error code which prevents the further functioning of the treadmill. You have to turn it off and on again to continue using it. This is highly inconveniencing.  This treadmill comes with some instructions that are quite confusing. You have to read through them more than once just to understand the first step.


 This dog treadmill is small, portable and saves you space while using or storing it. It is also made of quality materials using good workmanship to make it reliable. Your dog can perform 30 to 45 minutes of exercise on it daily without harming the working mechanism of the treadmill.

The PetZen Dog Treadmill has been positively reviewed by trainers and top veterinarians. It was awarded 5 STAR status by the American Pet Association. The unit is also electronically certified (EC) and listed on the ETL.

Prior to using this dog treadmill, the manufacturer advises a number of procedures. Firstly, measure your dog’s weight to ensure that it is less than 30 lbs. Secondly; you can use the PeZen SureFIT DogTread Gait Check to establish a fitness benchmark for your pet.

If you have a small dog, the PetZen Dog treadmill is a valuable fitness unit to get for it. The device is small, portable and has a slim design. Moreover, it has an onboard computer console which you can use to control the speed. To ensure your little furry friend grows stronger over time, this treadmill also allows you to adjust its angle of incline. Therefore, you can make exercise progressively difficult to improve strength. It is affordable, reliable and many professional pet associations have approved it. The PetZen Dog Treadmill for pets under 30 pounds is a great fitness device for small dogs.


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FEATURES It is important to keep your dog fit so as to maintain their health. This can be done by having it run or jog on this PetZen Dog Treadmill. It is designed especially for dogs that weigh up to 50 pounds. To provide the best results, this treadmill is capable of recording and adapting to the way in which your dog thinks moves and learns. One of the design features that make this possible is an open stride, low platform. It promotes a good gait for your dog. The PetZen Dog Treadmill has a computer console on it which helps you to program the settings of your dog’s exercise sessions such as the treadmill’s speed. In addition to that, you can measure the distance that your dog has run as well as the time they’ve spent in each workout. This treadmill comes with some workouts already programmed into it. Moreover, you can save your own pet workouts in it. In addition to that, this treadmill has a SlimLINE design. This one allows you to save space whenever you use or store it. The PetZen Dog Treadmill has a running area of 47 by 17 inches. Moreover, the overall unit has dimensions of 62 x24 x19 inches. It weighs only 85 pounds and requires very little assembly to get up and running.


 This unit is heavy since it weighs 130 pounds

 Side rails are important in ensuring that your dog stays safely and securely within the treadmill space. The PetZen Dog Treadmill has very low, flimsy side rails. These do not prevent distractions or even provide a supporting frame for your dog.


 By using the PetZen Dog Treadmill, you can adjust the behavior and fitness of your dog to fit your requirements. The unit adapts to the anatomy of your dog. Hence, it allows you to train your pet to walk, run and jog in the right gait. Moreover, regular exercise allows your dog to expend energy and reduce its hyperactivity.

 This treadmill is modern, sleek and whisper-quiet. As such, your dog will not feel shy or scared to hop upon it for a run. It also has a low profile that your dog can climb upon quite easily.

 To keep up with modern technology, the PetZen Dog Treadmill has an onboard computer console. It allows you to access your dog’s pre-programmed exercise sessions and also to save some specially arranged fitness programs for future use. The console also allows you to determine the speed of the treadmill.

 To make your pet develop strength and endurance, you can increase the angle of treadmill incline. The PetZen allows you to do this using a simple flip-bar. This one simulates outdoor terrain and can help your dog to develop endurance and strength.

 The American Pet Association has awarded this treadmill 5 STAR status. Moreover, it is Electronically Certified to provide you with reliable service. To further guarantee good performance, this treadmill is ETL listed.

 Prior to using this dog treadmill, you are advised to weigh your dog. This is to ensure that it weighs under 50 pounds. Moreover, you can check its stride using the PetZen SureFIT DogTread Gait Check.

If you are searching for a treadmill for your medium to large size dog, the PetZen Dog Treadmill for up to 50 pounds is ideal. It is fitted with high-tech features that you can use to monitor the performance of your dog. Moreover, the running space is large, it has a high weight capacity and is certified by various animal rights organizations such as the American Veterinary Association (AVA). The unit operates silently hence, you can use it indoors without disturbing other occupants or scaring your dog. Its slim design makes this treadmill perfect for use since it does not take up much space and is easy to store. Capable of providing you with value at an affordable price, the PetZen Dog Treadmill for up to 50 pounds is a good exercise unit for your dog.



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There are high quality and cheap dog treadmills in the market. It is important to purchase a high-quality treadmill so that your dog can enjoy the full fitness benefits. A quality treadmill also ensures comfort for your dog as he works out. Here is how to distinguish between a quality treadmill and a cheap one.


Your dog should enjoy a stable experience on the treadmill. This is so that they can achieve the results you desire and also stay safe while doing it. A quality dog treadmill offers a stable surface for your dog to jog or run on. It is not wobbly or unsteady while running. The parts are made of strong stainless steel or carbon steel to maximize strength. However, a cheap one wobbles even before you turn it on. It can be made of plastic or a light metal like aluminum. Rely on these guidelines to pick a quality dog treadmill instead of a cheap one.


A quality dog treadmill has a number of beneficial features they include:

  • A timer to help you measure the length of your dog’s exercise sessions
  • A distance gauge to help you determine how far your dog has gone on the treadmill
  • Safety buttons to stop the machine
  • Remote controller and speed adjustment settings
  • A variety of difficulty levels and incline angle options to help your dog achieve great muscle definition


Regular exercise helps dogs to have good health and controls their behavior. They instinctively desire to run, jump, lunge and bite. Exercise helps them to expend this energy and they become calmer and easier to train. You can exercise your dog by taking him for walks, jogs or runs in the park. However, when there is bad weather, this becomes impossible. That’s where a dog treadmill comes in. It provides a safe, effective and indoor location for exercising your dog. By using it, your dog can enjoy high-quality exercise regularly. Here are some factors to consider when buying a dog treadmill.

The condition of the running deck

The most important part of a dog treadmill is the running deck. This is the surface upon which your dog jogs or runs so as to enjoy fitness at home. Check the condition of this deck by assessing if it will accommodate the stride of your dog. With the help of a veterinarian or professional pet trainer, you can measure your dog’s extended gait. Later on, you can use this measurement to gauge the deck you will get for your dog. Ensure that the running deck or platform is 5 to 10 inches longer than your dog’s gait. By doing this, your dog can comfortably run or jog on the deck.

A long, steady deck allows your dog to run or change pace without falling off the treadmill. Moreover, a deck that can accommodate your dog maximizes its health and prevents him from suffering damage to the tendons or ligaments. This is especially important for dog breeds that are known to have issues with their joints. As such, consider the length and condition of a dog treadmill deck.

 The position of the computer console

Motorized dog treadmills normally have computer consoles. These electronic features help you to monitor the performance of your dog. They are essential in slowing down, going faster, loading routines or saving new ones. As important as they are, you should ensure that the computer console on your dog treadmill is not overhead or right in front of your dog. This will cause them to drift back and shorten their strides. Doing so can cause negative effects on your dog in future. As such, consider the position of the console. Pick a dog treadmill where it is positioned low, is legible, easy to use and has a variety of features. This will allow for efficient training of your dog.

 The running belt

This is the second most important part of a dog treadmill. The running belt turns so as to provide a constantly moving surface for your dog to exercise upon. Consider the width, material, and traction of the running belt. Ensure that it has non-slip traction and does not have any gaps between the side rail and the edge of the belt. Gaps are black spots as far as dog treadmills are concerned. This is because dog claws or small paws can get caught in them. Moreover, if the belt gets warped, they can slice up the paw sides if your dog stands upon them. The dog treadmill that you pick should always have a mechanism to adjust the tension of the belt in case of the track shifts as your dog uses it.

 The level of noise that the machine produces

It is well known that dogs have a very accurate hearing. They can hear sounds that are inaudible to human ears. As a matter of fact, dogs can hear sounds between 40 Hz and 60,000 Hz while we can only hear between 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. As such, consider the noise level of the dog treadmill that you buy. It should be very quiet and have minimal vibration. As a result, your dog is not startled and stays comfortable as they run, jog or walk on the treadmill.

 Attachments for binding your dog to the treadmill

In the 1800s, dogs were used to perform labor in industrial facilities. They would be placed on treadmills and bound with a leash to the machines. This kept the dog walking to exhaustion and was a clear violation of animal rights. Today, there are dog treadmills that still incorporate a leash binding frame in their design.

As you search for a dog treadmill to buy, consider this fact and do not buy one that has this frame. The practice of tying a dog to a treadmill should never be performed or endorsed. Firstly, dogs need rest every half hour of training. Hence, be present as they walk, jog or run on the treadmill so as to hold their leash. This also gives you an opportunity to observe your dog and stop the machine in case of any unusual signs of fatigue or injury.

 Dog–friendliness features

As much as they may be disciplined, dogs are still animals. Therefore, they are bound to act in ways that display their nature. For example, they can drool, shed hair and even perform some potty accidents. With this mind, consider the level of dog-friendliness of a dog treadmill before buying it for your pet. Ensure that it can resist these dog materials. It should also be easy to clean so as to promote longevity.

The treadmill’s design should be resistant to spills that could occur as your dog is training. For example, it could tip over a water dish or spill food upon the machine. Thus, check to see that the electronics are fully sealed and the motor compartment is isolated and well covered. The level of dog-friendliness is an important factor to consider.

 Dog treadmill end-caps

End-caps are important structural parts on a dog treadmill. They cover the frame at the back of the unit. These parts are essential but can harm your dog if handled irresponsibly. For example, if your dog falls off the back of the treadmill, the end-caps can rip off his claws and paws. Therefore, consider end-caps that are smooth and not the ones which have holes or sharp edges. In this way, your dog stays safe even if they reach out and grab as they exit a moving treadmill.

 The training fence

Every dog treadmill has a unique part that is known as a training fence. It establishes a boundary. Your dog should be neatly positioned within the fence but should not be stifled or inhibited. As such, the dog training fence should not be a cage. This is a very important factor to consider as you buy a dog treadmill. The training fence should be open, low-profile and provide a comfortable training guide for your dog.


Let’s face it, some companies and brands are better at providing a certain product compared to others. The same applies to dog treadmills. Below is a compilation of top brands from which you can get excellent dog treadmills.  PetZen dog treadmills This is a well-known dog treadmill brand. They are popular for making dog treadmills specifically for small to medium size dogs that weigh under 35 pounds. The treadmills from this brand have a low profile and feature an open stride to allow your dog a perfect gait as they run. Their products are also portable and durable. PetZen seeks to maximize dog and owner friendliness in all their products. Hence, their dog treadmills have computer consoles to control their performance. You can use the consoles to control the speed to a maximum of 5mph (miles per hour). Moreover, their products have pre-loaded workout routines and a SlimLine design which allow them to fit in any location in your house. A unique feature of PetZen treadmills is that they are whisper-quiet. As such, your dog will not feel shy or intimidated to use them. To further provide a luxurious environment, their treadmills have a food dish in the front end. This serves as great motivation for your dog to exercise regularly. PetZen is a reliable, modern dog treadmill brand.

 GoPet dog treadmills

Many dog owners swear by this brand. This is because treadmills from GoPet are foldable. This saves a lot of stress and space when it comes to storage. Their dog treadmills are also capable of handling weights of up to 60 lbs. Therefore, they are ideal for small to medium sized dogs.

GoPet treadmills come loaded with programs that you can customize to fit the exercise routine of your dog. Moreover, they are stylishly designed. As such, they are attractive to display as you exercise your dog.

A useful feature in their treadmills is remote control. You can turn them on, control their speed, load exercise routines or switch them off remotely. This ensures convenience. Despite being noticeably more expensive, GoPet dog treadmills are reliable. If you have a big budget, this is the brand to go for.

GoPet dog treadmills

 JogADog treadmills

Some manufacturers spend time, money and attention to design and construct their products. JogADog is such a brand. They have spent over 30 years of research and development to create their dog treadmills. Each product is made based on knowledge provided by specialists such as physical therapists, engineers, and veterinarians. As such, user satisfaction and safety are guaranteed in every item. JogADog treadmills are available in a total of 4 unique sizes. As such, you can find a perfect size for your dog. In addition to that, they are portable. JogADog is a reliable brand in the dog treadmill industry.

JogADog treadmills

 FitFurLife dog treadmills

FitFurLife is a brand that values professionalism in every product that they release. They have four types of treadmills ready for purchase in the market. For a professional experience with each one, their dog treadmills have special features. Examples of these are an incline that you can adjust, a tray for collecting fur, knobs to perform automatic change of angle as well as a computer console to control the speed. Using these features, you can accomplish resistance training to make your dog stronger. Their machines can run up to high speeds thanks to a 3 HP (horsepower) motor. As such, you can give your dog a flexible exercise routine when using the FitFurLife dog treadmills.

FitFurLife dog treadmills

 MiniPacer dog treadmills

This is a brand that specializes in dog treadmills for smaller dogs since their products have a maximum weight capacity of 55 lbs. Customization is a persistent characteristic of MiniPacer dog treadmills. Therefore, they come with walls that are removable and a computer console to control their speeds. You can use this feature to create a specialized exercise routine for your dog. The greatest quality of MiniPacer dog treadmills is that they are foldable and easy to store. This is one of the most popular dog treadmill brands today.

MiniPacer dog treadmills


There are thousands of dog treadmills in the market today, each promising great results. It goes without saying that picking the best one for your dog can be a really daunting task. So how do you pick one that is perfect for your pooch? Learn more below.

Choose a treadmill that is similar to the outdoor environment

Choose a dog treadmill that is similar to the outdoor environment that your dog is used to. The more that a treadmill looks and feels natural, the more comfortable your dog will feel while running on it. This also makes it easier for you to train your dog on the treadmill. Pick a dog treadmill that has low-profile boundaries for training. It should not be a cage. Moreover, the running belt should not have grids, holes or sharp edges that can hurt your dog or entrap it.

Pick one that does not have overhead features

Pick a dog treadmill whose deck does not have catch points, bars or end caps on its frame. These ones can hurt your dog in case they slip. As you search for a dog treadmill, pick one that does not have an overhead bar, console or leash binder. This is because dogs don’t like putting their heads under objects that are positioned overhead. Thus, they drift back on the treadmill and run shorter strides which negatively affect their gait. Therefore, pick a dog treadmill that does not have any overhead parts and your dog will be comfortable running on it.

A leash binding mechanism is not advisable

In the 1800s, dogs were used to perform tasks such as churning butter in the farm. They were put on rudimentary treadmills, chained to a leash mechanism and forced to do the job. This feature was patented and can be observed in a number of modern dog treadmills. While it is good to monitor your dog as it walks or runs on the treadmill, you should not tie it to a leash mechanism to keep him walking.  This can lead to stress and is a risk to their safety in case something goes wrong. Therefore, avoid buying dog treadmills that endorse this form of treatment. It is not humane to your dog and should not be performed or supported today.

Choose an Electronically Certified dog treadmill

If you decide to buy an electrically powered treadmill for your dog, make sure that it has Electronic Certification. Today, good quality electronics and electrically-powered devices all have this certification. Examples of these are laptops, microwaves, computers and refrigerators. Manufacturers do this to assure that their devices are safe for use by consumers. Electronic Certification proves that the device has attained all the standards of compliance. It also proves that the appliance or device is safe to use. This is also done by electronic dog treadmills. Therefore, choose a dog treadmill that has some Electronic Certification.

This qualification is proven by a number which identifies that the unit was manufactured by a specific company. The process of certification is usually expensive and needs to be renewed every year. As you shop, check with the store manager and see if the certification indicated on the dog treadmill is the most current. It is a good way to be sure that you are investing in a high quality, safe and proven item.

Pick a treadmill that is appropriately sized for your dog

Dogs come in various breeds and sizes. Therefore, there are specially-sized treadmills for them too. You can find dog treadmills in various sizes. Pick the one that is appropriate for you dog. Consult the store assistant to help you pick a treadmill which is right for your dog’s size. It helps a lot to take your dog along as you get them a treadmill. Some treadmills are designed for small, light dogs while others are made for larger, heavier ones. Picking the right size allows your dog to run with a natural gait and drift. This makes a positive contribution to their overall fitness as they work out.


Dog treadmills, just like any other machines, have accessories and replacement parts that can increase their functionality. Discover more about them below.

 The dog treadmill toolkit

When you buy a dog treadmill, it requires regular maintenance. You can achieve this using a dog treadmill toolkit. This is an accessory that contains implements which you can utilize towards this effect. One of these is a container of silicone oil that you can use to lubricate the walking belt. It also contains an Allen wrench used to adjust the walking belt on your dog treadmill. In addition to that, the unit contains a spare safety key for your treadmill. This kit is all you need to keep your dog treadmill in great working condition.


 The full gaiting bar

This is an important accessory that you can use to help your dog maintain the correct poise, gait and position as they train on a treadmill. Do you have a show dog? If so, this accessory is perfect for helping them to develop perfect movement as they walk, jog or run. The full gaiting bar is attached to both guardrails and can be removed after your dog has learned how to walk properly.

 Dog treadmill safety key container

One of the most important pieces of equipment that you get after purchasing a dog treadmill is a safety key. It is used to activate the console so as to use the special electronic features of your dog treadmill. Therefore, it is a very important piece of equipment. When you buy the treadmill, you get two keys. The safety key container can be used to safely store one of them.

 The dog treadmill training bar

This is a useful tool to use in training your dog. It can be placed in the front section of your dog treadmill. You can use the training bar to prevent your dog from running right off the front of the dog treadmill. In addition to that, you can raise or lower the training bar according to your dog’s height. After your dog learns how to use the treadmill, you can take the training bar off altogether.

Dog treadmill remote control replacements

Many modern dog treadmills come with remote controllers. These help to turn the machine on or off whenever you need to use the machine. Just like a regular remote controller, they can malfunction or get lost. In such a case, the remote control replacements come in very handy. As such, they are a useful accessory for dog treadmills.  


Man’s best friend needs the best care that they can get. One way to do this is to provide them with a chance for exercise. You can do this through regular walks, jogs or runs. You can also invest in a treadmill for your dog. Here are some tips and tricks on how to get, manipulate and utilize a dog treadmill.

 How to get your dog to like using the treadmill

Melissa Heeter is a professional dog trainer. She advises that your dog should spend half an hour every day for at least 3 days of the week running on the treadmill. Once your dog begins to experience the benefits of this form of exercise, they will look forward to it.

A dog treadmill gives your pet an intense work out. This is because it allows you to control the intensity of training. For example, you can regulate how fast it goes and the incline angle. This makes it challenging and gives your dog the chance to expend their energy. So how do you get your dog to run on the treadmill?

The first step is to make the treadmill a comfortable spot. Let your dog practice commands while sitting on it. You can even teach them a new command to direct him onto the unit. After they are used to sitting, rolling over and staying on the treadmill, you can now let him experience a run on it.

Put a leash on your dog and have him face forward. After that, turn on the treadmill or have it turned on its lowest speed. Encourage your dog to walk forward. If your dog gets nervous, you can stop and resume basic training. Let them try again tomorrow. Once he has caught on, let your dog have fun and run as fast as they want on it. Begin with 1-minute exercise sessions. After they are used to it, you can increase this to 30 minutes thrice a week.

 Position your dog treadmill correctly in your home

Part of keeping your dog fit is maintaining the treadmill that they are using. The first step to doing this is to position it properly. Ensure that you place your dog treadmill on a surface that is level, accessible and has enough space around it. It is important for your dog treadmill to be flat so as to prevent motor damage or uneven wear and tear.

 Protect it from power surges

There are two main types of treadmills. One of these is manually powered by your dog as they walk. The other type is electronic and is powered through a power cable. If you are using a treadmill that is electronically powered, ensure that it is connected to a surge protector. This prevents any damage from too much electrical current. You can also link it to a dedicated circuit to protect its computer console too.

 Lubricate your dog treadmill

Every machine that has moving parts needs to be lubricated. This is to avoid too much damaging friction. Dog treadmills need this form of care as well. Therefore, begin by checking your owner’s manual. This will tell you if your treadmill requires regular lubrication or not. If you should lubricate your dog treadmill, get the recommended lubricant from sporting goods stores. Remember to use only the amount that is advised by the manual or instructions on the container. This is because too much lubrication can cause excess friction. Checking and lubricating your dog treadmill is one of the ways to maintain and keep it working properly.

 Align and tighten your belt

One of the major parts of your treadmill is the belt. This is the surface that your dog runs upon. It should have enough traction and be stable enough to handle their weight and movement. You also need to maintain this part of your dog treadmill. Check the tightness of your dog treadmill belt once every month. It should not be too loose or too tight. When your belt is too tight, it can damage the rollers and the motor as well. On the other hand, if it is too loose, it can slip off the rollers and damage the deck. Therefore check the tightness of your dog treadmill belt monthly so as to maintain the unit in tip top condition.

Dogs are man’s best friend. To keep them healthy and strong, they need regular exercise and nothing provides this better than a dog treadmill. It gives your dog an opportunity to work out and grow stronger even when the weather outside is bad. There are many brands of dog treadmills in the market today. Some of them are indicated above. There are brands which are designed for dogs of certain sizes while others have general purpose units. When picking a brand of dog treadmill, there are a number of factors to consider so as to experience full satisfaction after purchase. Some of these factors are expressed above. In addition to that, every dog is special. Therefore, you need to know the right dog treadmill to pick so as to satisfy his needs. Tips on how to choose a treadmill for your dog’s needs are indicated above as well. To keep your unit in great working condition, there are some tips and tricks to rely on. They cover training your dog to use the treadmill, protecting the unit and also how to maintain it over time. These tips are important to note and apply so as to get the best results from your dog’s new fitness equipment. Part of maintenance is repair and replacement. There are many special accessories and parts which you can use to do this. Some of them are indicated above and are designed to keep your dog treadmill in great working condition. Overall, a dog treadmill is a useful and necessary fitness unit for every dog owner. It provides a way to keep your dog fit and control his behavior as well. With safety controls, remotely controllable consoles and dog-friendly features, modern dog treadmills are much more than just fitness equipment. They give you and your dog a unique opportunity to bond and train. Follow the guidelines above to get the most suitable unit for your dog today.


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