Let’s face it, as much as we would like our pets to stay within eyesight range, they often never do. Pets like to wander, whether it’s just for curiosity or to get our attention (who knows).it’s just what they do. Sometimes they come back almost immediately, sometimes it takes a little while. Other times, well… let’s just say curiosity ends up killing the cat.

If you have ever lost your pet even for just a day, you can agree with me that the anxiety is nerve-racking, to say the least. Why not get ahead of this problem and save yourself the pain by tracking your pet’s every move? If you (and your neighbors) are fed up of the “lost dog” posters, I say it’s time you get a pet tracker. Don’t you think?

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These are special devices which utilize technologies such as Global Positioning Systems (GPS), cell phone network sand Wi-Fi to track the movements of our pets. They come in various sizes and colors. A majority of them are designed to be clipped on the collars of our pets for tracking. The trackers rely on the network coverage to send out signals indicating the precise position of our pets. To keep up with the latest technology, pet GPS trackers have applications for manipulating them. These apps are developed such that they are compatible with all major smart device platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows Phone.

To keep the trackers functional, they are designed to be as rugged and durable as possible. They are shock and tamper-proof making it impossible for your pet to take off the tracker. In addition to this, most t trackers can survive the vigorous activities performed by your pet throughout the day. Should they decide to take a swim, the device will still work since it is waterproof. Does your dog like playing in the dust? No worries, these trackers are also dust proof.




 We love our pets and want them to be safe at all times. To do this, we can simply track their movements using the Find My Pet Nano GPS Dog Tracker. This is a dog tracker that utilizes GPS signals to track the movements and position of your dog. As such, it needs to be outdoors so that it can communicate with the GPS satellites.

 If your dog is indoors, the tracker will use WiFi and Bluetooth signals to track your dog. In case none of these signals are currently available, it will make use of cell phone signals. The tracker communicates with a specially made application to show you the signals which are being used to track your pet.

 It is a highly versatile device. That’s because it is capable of receiving and transmitting WiFi and Bluetooth signals in addition to communicating with GPS satellites and cell phone networks. It can comfortably change from one to the other with no need for login names or passwords. This boosts convenience during use.

 Statistics indicate that one out of three pets normally gets lost. By using this pet tracker, yours can defy the statistics and stay within reach throughout its lifetime. Do you have more than one pet with you? It is possible to get a tracker for each one and then add them all to your account. In this way, you will be able to see their positions.

 Its battery lasts for between 2 and 4 days on a full charge. However, the length of time that it lasts depends on the environment that you live in. If the battery needs recharging, the Find My Pet Nano GPS Dog Tracker will automatically alert you through some beeping. The device is compact and lightweight too because it measures only 1.4” in Diameter x 1/2” High. Moreover, it weighs only 3/4 ounce. As such, it is comfortable for your pet.


 It is very challenging to charge this device. You actually have to take it apart so as to reach charging port. This results in a fairly uncomfortable experience if you are not aware of how to do this.

 The GPS on the Find My Pet Nano GPS Dog Tracker is not as accurate as advertised. In addition to that, the Bluetooth signal tracking system takes too long to refresh and reflect the position of your pet.

The iPhone application is not compatible with the iPhone 6. In addition to that, the website interface is so very to use even for experienced users. Making it inconvenient to track your pet through a laptop.


 Your dog can decide to go for a swim. If it does so with the Find My Pet Nano GPS Dog Tracker, the unit will keep working because it is fully water resistant. Moreover, it is rechargeable and has its own battery.

 Do you travel with your pet often? If so, this tracker is perfect for you because it can work anywhere in the world. Any location that has 2G GSM network and later is valid. For as long as you keep its SIM card intact, the device will work effectively.  

 The Find My Pet Nano GPS Dog Tracker comes with its own dedicated Android and iPhone applications which allow you to see your dog’s position anywhere in the world at a glance. If you have your laptop with you and a good Internet connection, you can use it to see your dog’s position in real time with one-minute intervals.

 To ensure your complete satisfaction, you get to use the tracker for a period of one month for free. The manufacturer gives you free access to the GPS networks available around you at no charge. After the month is over, you begin to pay some affordable costs.

If you want to track the position of your pet anywhere in the world, this is the tracker to use. The Find My Pet Nano GPS Dog Tracker makes use of various signal networks to track your pet. Examples of these are the GSM, Bluetooth and WiFi network too. The tracker can move from one to the other automatically with no need for logins or passwords. It has got a long lasting battery, is water resistant and can be used to track more than one pet at a time. You can, therefore, use this tracker anywhere in the world for more than one pet at a time. To keep tabs on your dog’s position, simply invest in the Find My Pet Nano GPS Dog Tracker.


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To keep your pet safe, you should always know where they are. You can now do so using the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor. This is a tracking device that makes use of GPS signals to track dogs or cats.

 You can create a geographic fence using this device.  If they leave this area, the tracker sends you an alert through SMS or email via a WiFi signal. This helps you to retrieve your pet before they get too far away.

 The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor is active all over the United States and uses the largest cell phone network to do so. The subscription fee to use the network is very affordable. In addition to that, you can add one WiFi network to it as a backup to use for tracking your pet.

 The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor has the longest battery life of all pet trackers because it can last for a period of up to 7 days on a full charge. However, the battery life is actually affected by factors such as the cellular coverage around you and the strength of the WiFi signal that the tracker is using. The strength of the cell phone network around the tracker also impacts the tracker’s battery life. It will inform you whenever it needs to be recharged and will fill up in only 2 hours.


 If the cell phone network around you home or office is weak, this tracker will not work properly. Sometimes, if the signal is too low, the tracker does not work at all. This makes it vulnerable to the quality of reception in your area.

 A consumer indicated that the tracker stopped working exactly 39 days after purchase. This was right on time for the warranty to get void. As such, its long term durability is questionable. It is not functional outside of the USA.


 An interesting feature of this tracker is that it creates Trips. These are the trips that your pet takes through locations around you. By recording and saving these Trips, you can effectively follow up later to see where your pet normally goes.

 Do you want to keep your pet healthy and strong? You can use this tracker to check it’s daily rest and activity sessions. By tracking this data, you can see your pet’s fitness progress so as to maintain their health over time.

 Attachable to a collar that is up to 1 inch wide, this tracker is durable and completely waterproof too. This allows your pet can romp in the park or take a swim with the tracker remaining fully functional. It is ideal for pets that weigh 8lbs and above.

 The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor is compact and light enough for your pet. It measures only 1.8 x 1.4 x 0.6 inches and weighs only 1 ounce making it comfortable for your pet.

The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor is one of the lightest and most effective pet trackers available today. It makes use of two types of signals to keep track of your pet. Examples of these are the cell phone GSM network and WiFi signals too. The tracker creates Trips that can help you to find out where your pet frequently goes. In addition to that, it works all over the USA on the largest cell phone network. This means that you can find your pet anywhere in the country. The tracker is waterproof and has a long battery life of 7 days. If you are searching for an effective and durable pet tracker, the Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor is a great choice.


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One way of keeping your dog or cat safe is by using a pet tracker such as the CY Mini Waterproof Pet Locator. This tracker makes use of all types of cell phone carrier network signals to track your pet. Examples of these are the 2G GSM network and the 3G WCDMA network.

The device makes use of a micro-SIM card. Make sure that you get one to begin tracking your pet on a cell phone network of your choice.  

When network coverage is not available, the CY Mini Waterproof Pet Locator uses functions such as inertial and global positioning to track your pet. It is accurate up to a distance of 50 feet and you can actually create a geofence for your pet with it. This constraint can be created through a combination of electronics and WiFi signals. Whenever your pet strays outside this fence, the tracker sends you an alarm through its dedicated application.

The CY Mini Waterproof Pet Locator is suitable for pets weighing 15lbs and above. That’s because it is physically the right size for them. Do you want to know the locations that your pet normally frequents? The tracker enables you to do this effectively.


 The tracker discharges power too fast. Hence, you have to keep recharging it all the time leading to an inconvenient battery life.

 The instruction manual is too complicated to read and understand. The translation from Chinese to English is too inaccurate to be coherent. The tracker is also too big to use on a cat.


 To ensure proper functionality, this tracker relies on a variety of other network signals to track your pet. Examples of these are GPS, AGPS, WIFI and LBS networks. As such, you can be sure to find your pet’s position when using this device.

 This tracker is fully compatible with a GSM micro-SIM. You can pick any cell phone carrier that you want for it. In this way, you can pick one which is strongest in your physical location hence boosting the effectiveness of your tracking efforts.

 What happens if you have to search for your pet in the dark? The CY Mini Waterproof Pet Locator has a series of LED lights which automatically light up in the dark to show you where your pet is. Moreover, it is a compact device which measures only 2.2 by 0.6 by 2.4 inches and weighs only 1.6 ounces. Hence, it is comfortable for your pet.

If you want to keep tabs on the location of your pet, you can make use of the CY Mini Waterproof Pet Locator. It can survive a variety of environmental conditions that your pet can find themselves in and is capable of working with a variety of GSM networks. This allows you to pick the one whose data plan is most attractive to you. To guarantee functionality, it can work with Wi-Fi networks to track your pet. The tracker is compact in size hence your pet feels comfortable when wearing the device. If you want to track your pet, the CY Mini Waterproof Pet Locator is a great choice.


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 The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is an excellent tracker which can help you to learn where your pet is at all times through a dedicated app which is available for Android, Windows Phone and iOS too.

 The tracker deciphers and records your pet’s position in real time day and night. Moreover, it weighs only 35 grams and is ideal for pets weighing more than 9 pounds.

 The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker can work all over the world because it relies on the cell phone tower network. The manufacturers have created agreements with many carriers across the globe allowing you to track your pet from literally any country you visit. In the USA, this tracker works with the T-Mobile cell phone carrier. As long as there is a cell phone carrier network available, the Global Positioning System (GPS) of the tracker will work perfectly.

 Using this tracker, you can create a safe zone for your pet. This is where you designate a particular area in your property for them to play or relax in. If they leave it, you will get an alert. There are no charges for the SMS messages that you receive or any extra costs whatsoever


 The tracking information can be inaccurate. This can mislead you in the effort to track or find your pet.

The battery life is not reliable. It gets much shorter after about a year and half of use in the device, it does not work in areas where there is no 2G network or the cell phone coverage is weak.


 The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is designed to comfortably work with 2G and 3G GSM networks. If your cell phone has coverage, so will the tracker. However, if the signal gets weak, the device may not work as accurately as desired.

 The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker gives you the ability to perform live tracking of your pet. You can use the Tractive app on your phone and see the real time movements of your pet on your phone. Moreover, you can see the movements that they made in the last few minutes too. As such, the tracker puts your pet’s whereabouts comfortably in the palms of your hands.

 The tracker utilizes a combination of GPS and cell phone tower networks to track your pets. Due to the costs associated with the cell phone tower infrastructure, Tractive charges a very small, flat fee to you every month. The best news is that you can opt out of this fee if you so wish.

 The Tractive GPS Pet Tracker has an integrated light in it. Not only does it help you to find your pet in the dark, it also helps your lovable pooch to see the path as they walk close to the roads. Should your dog decide to go for a swim, the tracker will not get damaged by the water and will keep transmitting even underwater.

Are you searching for a small but effective pet tracking device? If so, the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is your best option. Not only does the tracker work all over the world, but it is also waterproof and can switch between GSM and GPS to help you track your pet. In addition to that, the tracker helps you to create a safe zone for your pet. This can help you to control their movement. You can see the real time movements of your pet and adapt accordingly to get them or let them be. For accurate tracking to keep your pet safe, the Tractive GPS Pet Tracker is a great device.


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 Part of caring for our pets is knowing where they are at all times. This can be accomplished using the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar. This is a fashionably-designed dog collar that can help you discover the location of your pet, their level of activity and body temperature. In doing so, the tracker provides you with all the vital information regarding your dog.

 This tracker is highly intelligent and helps you to form an electronic ecosystem for taking care of your dog. It comes with a base station for charging and a highly effective mobile application too. Thus, you can charge it, use and then monitor it through your smartphone. The application is freely available on the manufacturer’s official website. Moreover, there are versions for Android OS and iPhone iOS too.

 The tracker makes use of various technologies to track your dog. These technologies include GPS and GSM. You can use the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar to create a safe zone of digital nature around your home. This is effectively the range which your dog can enjoy while off their leash. Using this feature, the tracker can alert you with an SMS if your dog leaves your yard or ventures too close to the road.

 The LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar has an LED light that you can activate or deactivate using your smartphone app. In this way, you can find your dog more easily at night and improve their vision too at dusk. Interestingly, you can activate your voice through the tracker. This comes in very handy during training.


 The battery runs out too fast. This makes it impossible to use the collar for long periods of time. Your dog is exposed to the risk of getting lost if the battery runs out when they are away. Thus, battery life should be improved.

 Its signal is negatively affected by natural barriers. Hence, if you live in a forested area or have water bodies around your home, the tracking collar will have difficulties maintaining a strong signal.


 This dog tracker can inform you of the activity that your dog has performed over a specific period of time. You can, therefore, monitor how much they exercise to determine if you need to increase the regimen or not.  

 The LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar is capable of creating records of your dog’s movements. This allows you to collect pictures and screenshots of their daily trips to share. They can also show you the locations that your dog enjoys visiting regularly.

 It is not healthy for your dog to venture out when it  s too hot or too cold. To help keep your dog healthy and safe, this tracking collar can send you information about the prevailing temperatures around your dog. This allows you to call them back in if the temperatures are unfavorable.

This tracking dog collar is compact and light. It measures 22.6 x 1 x 0.2 inches and weighs only 6.4 ounces. Thus, it can fit on large, medium and even small dogs.

For a fashionable, functional and high-tech dog tracking device, simply use the LINK AKC Smart Dog Collar. It is full of interesting features that do much more than just track your dog. The collar is capable of shining a light, playing your voice, tracking your dog and relaying information about their activity. In addition to that, it is rechargeable and controllable using a dedicated application. This tracking collar is a major step forward in the effort to track pets using high-tech devices.


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Just like any other electronic devices, there are high and low-quality pet GPS trackers. Some of them have many capabilities and can last for a life time. For a worthwhile experience, it’s important to invest in high-quality pet GPS trackers. How can you identify such? Read on to find out.

 Ability to work with a variety of networks

Good quality dog trackers have the ability to depend on a variety of network infrastructures. They can work with GPS, cell phone carriers and Wi-Fi networks to keep track of your pet. If one of these networks is not strong enough or breaks down, the tracker automatically switches to the available one. A high-quality pet GPS tracker is able to do this effectively. Moreover, this makes it possible to use the device literally anywhere in the world.


Pets love to run around and have fun. They are bound to roll around in the grass, jump through the bushes and even take a swim. Good quality pet GPS trackers should be able to survive these conditions. They are waterproof, shock proof as well as hardy enough to survive possible scratches. These features are usually indicated in their features. To be positive that your device is durable, watch out for user reviews before buying.


 The battery life is long and effective

Good quality pet GPS trackers have long lasting batteries. Some of the best can go for up to a week on a full charge. Thus, you do not have to keep charging them all the time hence boosting convenience. Moreover, it is important that they have a long battery life because this can help to find your pet if they get lost for days at a time.


Here’s a not so fun fact, approximately 10 million pets get lost every year. As such, you should take extra measures to ensure your pet is not part of this statistic. Buy a pet tracker that suits your needs. Here are the factors which you need to consider.

 The range of the tracker

Pet trackers have varied ranges of active coverage. Some of them are localized and cover a radius of only a few hundred meters around you and your pet. On the other hand, there are some which can cover the entire world. The range of the pet tracker which you pick depends on the technology embedded in the unit. Some trackers combine GPS and GSM technologies to track your pet. Such trackers have a range that covers the planet. On the other hand, there are trackers that rely purely on radio signals. They connect to any Wi-Fi, radio and Bluetooth networks to create a tracking range. While still effective, this range is not as large as the former one. A rule of thumb is that the range for a larger, faster dog should be big while that of a small dog should be less in size.

 The weight and size of the tracker

The weight of the tag and its size are also major factors to consider as well. Your pet should feel comfortable as they use the device. Generally, lightweight trackers are preferred but then again, you also ought to consider the size of your pet to know exactly how light lightweight is.  If you are getting a tracker for a small dog or cat, it should be light and small enough to fit on their collar without inhibiting their movement or presenting the risk of getting caught on bushes or undergrowth. Most pet trackers usually indicate their weight. I suggest you pay attention to this before buying.

 The battery capacity.

Pet GPS trackers are powered by rechargeable batteries. These units provide the tracker with the power to transmit the signals indicating the position of your dog. They also support any extra features such as application compatibility. While considering this factor, you should always pick the tracker that has the longest battery life. Generally, GPS pet trackers last for between 2 and 7 days on a full charge. Go for the trackers which have the longest battery life. This will be more convenient for you and provide reliable tracking in case your pet gets lost for days at a time. It is important to note that the more technology a pet tracker has, the more demanding it is on the battery.

 How durable is it?

It is very important for your pet tracker to be as durable as possible. This is because it needs to survive the activities that your dog or cat engages in on a daily basis. The manufacturers of these devices normally include a collection of features to promote the durability and longevity of these devices. Examples of these features are scratch proof cases, waterproof cases, LED lights, soft yet hardcore straps and shockproof mechanisms. As you shop for a pet GPS tracker, durability is one of the main factors that you should consider. The more durable a unit is, the longer it will last. This is a very important factor to remember.

 User friendliness

Like any other electronic device, a pet GPS tracker should be very easy to use. Activities such as turning it on, charging it, fastening it on your dog and replacing the battery should be easily performed. Since you will be interacting with your dog quite a lot, the tracker should make it easy to check its condition. In addition to that, its smartphone application should be easy to understand and manipulate too. While some trackers are very easy to use, there are some which are a headache to operate. They present a major challenge to pair with the applications or are difficult to signing into your chosen network carrier. Therefore, consider user friendliness as you pick a pet GPS tracker. It should be so easy to manipulate that a child can start and configure it in a few minutes.

 The number of pets that a tracker can handle

Many pet owners have more than one dog in their home. They may want to track them all across the world. Are you one of such pet owners? If so, you should consider a tracker that can keep tabs on more than one pet. There are some pet tracking systems which can handle more than one tracker and allow you to monitor them all from one dedicated dashboard. They are able to let you create profiles for each pet that you are tracking. This way, you can see the details for each of your furry friends.


Losing a pet is no joke, and manufacturers across the globe know this. This is why so many tech companies are dedicating their resources to develop pet trackers. Some brands have been dominating the market for a long time others are just joining the game. So, which of these brands are worth investing in? Find out more below.

 Paw Pet Tracker

This is a brand of pet trackers that is based in the US. Their trackers utilize a combination of GPS satellite positioning and GSM cellphone networks at the same time. The GPS part finds your pet and the GSM section relays the information to the Paw Pet Tracker servers. Their trackers are sold directly from the company’s website. When you buy them from this location, they arrive with an activated SIM card. As a result, you don’t have to change the carrier for any reason. You can also find their pet trackers on eBay. However, those from this source may not arrive with activated SIM cards. The trackers from this company have a dedicated application which is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone. To suit personal taste, they are available in 3 interesting color ways. The company ensures that their trackers are light enough to be used on cats as well as dogs hence weigh only 33 grams. The battery life of products from this brand is exceptional at between 2 to 5 days. Paw Pet Tracker is a reliable brand with high-quality products and good customer service.


This is a brand that manufactures pet locators among other things. Their devices make use of GPS technology to keep track of your pet. Their devices are made specifically for active dogs hence are lightweight, waterproof and tough. Therefore, their target market is dogs in active service, sports or generally hyperactive ones. To view the position of your dog anywhere on the planet, all you have to do is log into Gibi’s online application. You can do this from your laptop computer or smartphone as long as it is connected to the Internet. Using this online application, you can create safe zones, geofences and more for your pet. In this way, the device informs you if your pet leaves the parameters that you have set. It can alert you through emails or SMS messages depending on your preference. Gibi pet locators allow you to access all this information about your pet’s position with one dedicated button. To guarantee user friendliness, their pet trackers are designed such that they can fit on a collar of any size. The products from this brand have a battery life of 1 to 4 days and weigh only 43 grams.


This brand produces some of the smallest sizes of GPS trackers for your pet. They are so small that they can be attached to the collar of pets of any size. Even cats or small dogs can use the trackers from this brand. They are also the lightest ones in the market and collect information about your pet’s movements. The trackers allow you to find the position of your pet on a digital map and also save or collect their trips. This can be done through a mobile device or computer. These trackers make use of the 2G network to find the position of your pet. The Pod Company manufactures their trackers to weigh only 28 grams and last for between 2 to 5 days.


This is one of the latest entrants in the dog tracking industry. Their devices are in the pre-order stage of production. They come in three different colors and sizes. Moreover, they take the form of a collar that you can fit on your dog. Their devices combine GPS tracking and activity monitoring. As such, you can find the position of your dog and also track how much they move around for fitness purposes. To make their products more user-friendly, WUF includes two-way audio to help you talk to your pet no matter where they are. The company also values the comfort of your pet. As such, the collar is soft while the GPS tracker is waterproof and encased in a smooth elastomer.


If you have a pet such as a dog or a cat, one of the best maintenance gadgets that you can get is a pet tracker. These are devices which have special microchips within them that have tracking capability. They help you see the position of your pet anywhere in the world. This brings you peace of mind and boosts the convenience of keeping your pet safe at all times. Are you interested in searching for one of these devices for your pet? Here are some guidelines to help you pick an ideal tracker.

 Technology used to track your pet

These trackers make use of various technologies when tracking your pets. Examples of such technologies are Global Positioning Systems (GPS), GSM cell phone networks, radio signals, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Some trackers make use of only one out of these technologies while others can easily switch from one to the other. When choosing a pet tracker for your pet, it is best to pick one that can make use of multiple signal technologies at the same time. In doing so, the tracker can switch from one technology to the other based on signal strength. For example, there are trackers which use GPS positioning as the main signal and then move on to the rest if the signal is weak or nonexistent. While more expensive and requiring a dedicated SIM card, this type of pet tracker provides you with the best reliability.

 Costs involved

There are some pet trackers which involve only the cost of purchase while others have maintenance costs. Pet trackers fall into two main categories, the GPS trackers, and independent trackers. The ones which make use of GPS technology also have a GSM cell phone network access embedded in them. As such, they also make use of the cell phone network to track your pet. In doing so, they require you to pay some extra fees for this access. They have subscriptions attached to them which demand a flat fee every month.

On the other hand, independent trackers use radio signals from Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks that are close by to track your dog. They do not require any extra fees since they don’t use cell phone networks to track your pet. However, their limited technological capability limits their range. As such, when you are choosing the best tracker for your dog, consider these cost factors to make an ideal decision.

 Go for the ones with the most features

There are some pet trackers which have extra features on top of the tracking. Examples of these features are two-way audio, LED guide lights, waterproof casing, shock proof frame, soft collar, scratch proof materials, dedicated smartphone applications and long battery life. These extra features increase the convenience of using the device as well as the comfort of your dog. While only a few GPS pet trackers have all these features embedded at the same time, the best quality have most of them included for you. As you choose a tracker for your pet, go for the one that has the most extra features. They can increase the longevity of the device and create a more comfortable tracking experience for you and your dog.  

 Customer support

Just like any other electronic devices, GPS pet trackers need support from the manufacturer. This is in case they malfunction or you need some help with configuration. Also, some of them are released in series and you could be interested in an upgrade. In such a case, customer support becomes highly necessary. As such, go through some customer reviews online as you search for a GPS pet tracker to use. This will help you to figure out the brand that has the best customer service. You can also cold call the manufacturers through the contacts given in their websites to gauge how good their service is.


Just like any other piece of equipment, the capabilities of pet GPS trackers can be increased. This is done using accessories. What if they break down during service? They can easily be repaired using replacement parts. Here are some accessories and parts for your pet GPS trackers.

 Replacement antennas

The most important part of a pet GPS tracker is the antenna. This section produces and receives radio signals. It communicates with the dedicated application, GPS satellites, Bluetooth resources and Wi-Fi transmitters too. As such, it is the core of your pet GPS system. You can accessorize the antenna by installing a new, longer range unit. This will help you to increase the tracking coverage and signal strength of your pet GPS tracker. As a result, you will be able to track your pet better.

 Replacement dog collars

Most pet GPS trackers are fastened on the collar of your dog. They have a mechanism that holds on the collar and keeps the tracker in place. As such, there are accessories such as replacement dog collars which have more features and capabilities than the regular one. They provide a wider area for you to fasten the collar. In addition to that, they may have extra pockets for the antenna accessory and possibly an embedded LED light and charging station for your tracker.

 Multiple USB charging docks

What if you are tracking many pets at the same time? How do you keep their trackers functional throughout? One of the ways to do this is to get an accessory known as the multiple USB charging docks. This is a specially made charger that can charge many pet trackers all at the same time. Some of them have outlets for up to 4 trackers. In this way, you can expand the function of your standard charging dock so as to service more units and provide convenience if you are handling multiple pets.

 Multiple USB charging docks

What if you are tracking many pets at the same time? How do you keep their trackers functional throughout? One of the ways to do this is to get an accessory known as the multiple USB charging docks. This is a specially made charger that can charge many pet trackers all at the same time. Some of them have outlets for up to 4 trackers. In this way, you can expand the function of your standard charging dock so as to service more units and provide convenience if you are handling multiple pets.


Pet owners are embracing a new technology which helps them to keep track of their pets. Known as pet trackers, these new devices are being fitted on dog and cat collars. The trackers make use of a collection of networking technologies to keep tabs on the movements of the pets.

If your dog tends to run out of your yard into the neighbor’s lawn or go across the street, a pet tracker can alert you whenever they do so. The tracker can also help you to see your pet’s movements in real time on a digital map. With so many models in the market and a dizzying variety of features, here are some tips and tricks to help you understand them for the good of your pet.

 How they work

Pet trackers are essentially powered microchips which are connected to a variety of networks. Examples of these are GSM cell phone networks, Global Positioning Systems satellites, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth networks. Some pet trackers connect only to one of these network infrastructures while some others can connect to all of them concurrently to give you the position of your pet. They also have dedicated smartphone applications to help you see your pet on a digital map. The map can give you details based on the particular network that the pet tracker is connected to at the time. For example, if is connect to the GPS or GSM cell phone network, the tracker will show you the position of your pet on a global map. However, if it is connected to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network, it will show you the position of your pet on a proximity map. When using a GPS pet tracker, it is important to know the difference between these networks and the results that they give.


 The two most common types of GPS pet trackers

There are two main types of pet GPS trackers on offer. These are the subscription-based and the independent GPS trackers. Subscription-based GPS trackers use the GSM cell phone networks and GPS to track your pet. In doing so, they use the GSM cell phone tower infrastructure to triangulate the position of your pet. To do this, they have to use a specific cell phone carrier for example T-Mobile. This requires you to incur some costs.

Firstly, you have to buy a micro SIM card for the carrier of your choice. You also have to pay for a subscription to use the GSM network. This subscription is a flat fee and is paid to the GPS pet tracker manufacturer. On the other hand, there are independent GPS trackers. These have no affiliation to cell phone networks since they rely purely on GPS satellites to track your pet. All that you to do is use a receiver that comes with the tracker to find your pet anywhere on the planet. The independent trackers do not have subscription fees involved but have access to only one type of network. This information is essential to know so as to understand your spending when using a GPS pet tracker.


 Extra features offered by GPS pet trackers

These trackers have a specific collection of extra features which make it easier to use the device. They also make the device hardier and increase its lifespan. Examples of these features are being waterproof, a long lasting battery life, interesting colors and various attachment options. Out of these extra features, the most important ones are a long lasting battery and waterproof ability. These two extra features are essential in ensuring that the tracker lasts for years and also that your pet can be tracked even if they are away from home for a long time.

Our pets are not just part of our families. They are more than that. They are our friends, companions, and protectors. If you have a dog or a cat in your home, you should take the necessary measures to keep it safe and sound. One of the ways to do this is to track their movements around your home. By knowing where your pet is at all times, you can easily retrieve them if they approach hazardous locations. How can you do this? Simply make use of a pet GPS tracker. This is a device that contains a special microchip that shows you where your pet is at all times. What else can it show you? It can monitor the activity of your pet for fitness purposes and give you a report of their favorite spots. To maximize user-friendliness, some even give you the chance to speak to your dog through two way audio.

If you own a pet, whether it is notorious of wandering off or not, a pet tracker is something you ought to have. This guide gives you all the information you need to purchase and maintain one. So what’s holding you back? Keep your pet safe and save yourself the pain of constantly worrying by buying a pet tracker today.


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