Replies make interesting pets. They may not be as emotional and bubbly as cats and dogs but you get to watch their enigmatic behavior which is quite thrilling. More importantly, owning a reptile pet gives you the “I’m not to be messed with” vibe (more power to you pet parent!). But the problems start when your pet snake or lizard looks for adventure beyond its cage. We all know this story never ends well, now don’t we?  Either you obliviously step on your pet lizard and kill it. Or, you end up getting bitten by your own pet snake despite feeding it and keeping it warm all those days (talk of disloyalty).

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All jokes aside, this is one of the many reasons why you need to invest in a good reptile terrarium. They not only make sure that your pets are well secured but also provide a conducive home for them. One that feels more like their natural habitat.

With hundreds of reptile species available, there is no way reptile terrariums are made the same. This makes the task of finding one for your pet a little more taxing. Well, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we have all the knowledge you will require before buying a reptile terrarium. As a bonus, we give you a thorough run down of the best terrariums in the market. So what are you waiting for? Do your pet (and yourself) a favor by getting it a well deserving home.





 We keep various types of pets including exotic ones. Some examples of exotic pets that we can keep include reptiles and amphibians such as geckoes, iguanas, and pythons. To ensure that they have a comfortable place to live in, you can invest in a reptile terrarium such as the Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Tank. It provides proper ventilation through an effective, patented front window.

 Warmth is very important for exotic pets. As such, this terrarium has a raised glass floor to allow you to heat up the substrate upon which your pet walks and lives. In addition to that, the bottom is fully waterproof. As such, should you spill some water, coffee or soda close to your pet’s terrarium, it is still safe from injury or disturbance.

 The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Tank is fitted with dual doors which offer you access while still preventing your pet from escaping their enclosure. As such, you, your family or your friends can admire the pet without allowing enough space for it to get out and lost.

 The unit measures 18 x 24 x 18 inches. Moreover, it weighs only 44 pounds. As a result, it is compact enough for you to place literally on any surface that you have. Examples of these are your desk, ledge or your mantelpiece.

 This terrarium has some inlets which you can open or close so as to allow access by accessory infrastructure. Examples of such include air inlets and water delivery tubes. In this way, you can properly accessorize your reptile terrarium with items such as heat wave rocks, waterfalls and even security sensors


 The top surface is flimsy. As such, if you have some pets that like to jump upon the terrarium such as cats, there is the risk that they will fall into your tank and disturb the reptile or amphibian. In addition to that, there is some extra plastic in the door section which prevents the dual doors for fitting properly once you close them.

 The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Tank can arrive broken due to packaging problems. Consumers have complained that their terrariums arrived chipped or entirely shattered. As such, the manufacturer should improve the packaging style.

PROS  Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Tank is designed and built by European herpetologists. As such, there are 12 different sizes to allow you to keep reptiles or amphibians of various sizes. The front dual doors have a special lock which prevents your reptile from escaping. It is also fully child-proof.  The top of the terrarium is clear and fully opens hence allows for the penetration of UVB rays. You can remove it easily for cleaning purposes. The fixed front window is quite high to allow for stacking substrate high for the comfort of reptiles that enjoy burrowing. You can also create some water sections in the terrarium or install an Exo Terra den thanks to these high walls and waterproof bottom.  The frame of the terrarium is made of stainless steel hence is strong and rust resistant at the same time. Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Tank has a bottom that is built such that you can establish hot and cold sections in it. As such, you can create an environment that is similar to its habitat.  The background of this terrarium is built to look exactly like a natural rock formation. In this way, your reptile feels right at home. In addition to that, it creates an attractive environment for your pet to live in. The back part of this background has channels where you can fit tubing or wire for any accessories that you put in the terrarium.

The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Tank is ideal for keeping your reptile or amphibian pet safe and secure. It has a realistic rock background and channels in the back which makes it easy for you to install wires and tubing too. The front window is high which allows you to stack substrate or even create some water features. To keep your pet safe and sound, the dual doors have a childproof lock. The Exo Terra Glass Terrarium Tank has ideal dimensions that make it easy to place on various surfaces comfortably. If you are searching for a good location to keep your amphibian or reptile, this is the choice to make.


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 Some of us enjoy keeping pets such as reptiles and amphibians. To keep them safe from us and your friends and family safe from them, you need to use an Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium. Measuring 24 by 18 by 12 inches, this terrarium is compact enough to keep the smaller replies that you could want to keep as pets.

 This terrarium is made of glass. As such, it gives you a great view of all the activities that your pet is engaging in while inside the terrarium. It also has some dual doors on its front. They are located right above a fixed, glass part. These doors allow you to access the pet enclosure for cleaning and feeding purposes while still preventing it from escaping.

 The fixed part is tall so that you can stack substrate as high as required so as to create a comfortable environment for your pet. This allows you to install features such as a water feature or even an Exo Den. This feature also makes it possible for burrowing reptiles to live comfortably in this terrarium.


 The Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium can arrive broken. A consumer has complained that they made orders twice and both times the unit arrived broken. As such, the manufacturer has to improve the packaging.

The bottom plate does not have any channels which you can use to install the cords required for accessories such as a heating pad. Moreover, the terrarium has a plastic frame for holding the heat lamp. It melts over time and should be replaced with a metallic mesh.


 Reptiles and amphibians like to stay warm. As such, this terrarium is compatible with two types of lamps. These are the PT2055 or PT2077 lamps. The terrarium is designed by European herpetologists. As such, you can be sure of great build quality.

The top of this terrarium is made of glass and stainless steel. It is transparent and removable. This maximizes ventilation and the access of UVB rays into the tank. On the other hand, the bottom plate is raised. As a result, you can install substrate heaters for the purpose of heating rocks, water, undergrowth or any other features you have placed for your pet in the terrarium.

 The background of the terrarium is designed to look exactly like a natural rock. In this way, it looks exactly like other accessories produced by Exo Terra. It also provides your reptile or amphibian with a surface that they can climb like they would in their natural surroundings. The Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium weighs only 33.5 pounds. As such, it is easy to store and move around your house.

The Exo Terra Short All Glass Terrarium is ideal for keeping your reptile or amphibian pet. It is compact in size hence can fit in most locations that you pick for it. The unit is made of glass panels making it easy for you to admire your pet and also let light in. The bottom is raised so that you can fit the accessories required to heat up the substrate. In addition to that, the front fixed glass panel is high so that you can stack substrate. Dual doors above it allow for easy, yet safe access for the purposes of feeding or cleaning. If you are searching for a small, compact terrarium for your reptile or amphibian pet, this is the one for you.


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 Some of the most interesting pets to keep are reptiles and amphibians. Where can you do so? The best spot is a Carolina Custom Cages’ Reptile Starter Terrarium. It is specially designed to be a starter tank for fans and enthusiasts of reptile and amphibian pets.

 It has a capacity of 20 liters and measurements of 30”L x 12”W x 12”H. As such, it is large enough for any pet that you desire to keep. In addition to that, the unit has a mesh top which you can easily lift off. This makes it easy to arrange accessories inside the tank for your pet.

 To make your experience with the terrarium easier, it comes already fitted with a Reptile T5HO 22″ Fixture & reflecting device. This accessory is provided by the manufacturer and works to keep the terrarium warm for your reptile or amphibian.

It also has a light assembly which allows your pet to bask whenever they feel like it. This assembly is actually facilitated by the manufacturer right out of the box. You get a Zoo Med ReptiSun fluorescent tube. Measuring 22 inches, this tube helps to provide your pet with 24W of heat on demand. You also get a Halogen Reptile Basking Bulb that has a power rating of 50w. They keep your pet warm and comfortable throughout and eliminate the need for you to buy any extra accessories for your pet’s terrarium.


 You have to tape the background paper to the outer sides of your tank. This adds extra effort to you after purchase and also puts this paper at a location where it could get damaged by wear and tear.

 The unit arrives with a disclaimer that you have to wash it with high strength chlorhexidine before you introduce your pet in the tank. This adds potentially dangerous responsibility to you as the buyer while they could have done the cleaning in the factory before shipping.


 An interesting feature of the fixtures provided to you by Carolina Custom Cages’ is that they can adequately cover this 20L terrarium as well as a larger, 40-gallon terrarium. As such, when your reptile grows up and becomes bigger, you can move it to a larger tank and carry along this fixture along. However, it is important to note that you will need to replace the 50w bulb with a 75w one so that you can give your pet enough heat to bask comfortably.

 he Carolina Custom Cages’ Reptile Starter Terrarium has a background of a High Definition (HD) image of the Southwestern United States desert territory. Featuring deep browns and desert flora, the background complements the accessories in your terrarium.

 This background is printed on a piece of stock paper. As such, it is highly durable and will last for a long time. In addition to that, it is printed using UV resistant inks. It is actually long enough to cover three sides of the 20L cage properly. After delivery, you need to use clear Scotch tape to cover the outer surface of the terrarium with this background.

 The Carolina Custom Cages’ Reptile Starter Terrarium measures 35 x 17 x 19 inches and weighs 33 pounds. This means that it is large enough for any reptile or amphibian that you decide to start with. It also compact enough in weight to sit comfortably on most surfaces.

Are you just starting out with your reptile or amphibian pet? If so, the Carolina Custom Cages’ Reptile Starter Terrarium is a perfect unit to use. The terrarium has a high capacity tank of 20L. In addition to that, it comes already fitted with a collection of accessories which you can use to keep your pet safe and comfortable. The walls are made of high strength glass. As such, the unit will arrive with no scratched or shattered sections. In addition to that, the top section is made of mesh and can be removed on demand. This allows for easier cleaning and ventilation of the terrarium. For starter reptile pets of any size, the Carolina Custom Cages’ Reptile Starter Terrarium is a great choice to pick.


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 Some of the most interesting pets that you can keep are reptiles and amphibians. They provide entertainment and wonder to you and other observers. The Reptile Treasures Knock down Terrarium is a good home for such a pet. It is designed to provide an environment that is very close to the natural habitat of your reptile hence is quite tall so as to accommodate even the species which enjoy climbing trees.

 This terrarium is built of high strength glass. Moreover, the top is fully removable to allow for enough ventilation and the penetration of UVB and infrared ray penetration. These are very important for the comfort of your reptile or amphibian pet. This part is made of black screen and is fully lockable. As a result, you can easily maintain the internal temperature of the terrarium.

 Reptile Treasures Knock down Terrarium is built to have large doors which swing wide. As such, it is easy to place your reptile pets in it and also to clean the terrarium. It has a lot of internal space hence is easy to decorate as well.


 The large panes of glass make it a shattering hazard. If the terrarium is poorly stored or hits a hard edge with the flat part of the pane, it will shatter with potentially disastrous results.

 Its height limits the places where you can place it. You have to place the Reptile Treasures Knock Down Terrarium on a surface where its top will not be out of your reach or difficult to manipulate.

 It doesn’t come with a background wallpaper to make it seem more habitable by your pets


 The terrarium has a raised bottom plate. As such, you can easily fit accessories to warm the substrate of the unit. Examples of such are heating pads. Moreover, the unit has a tall front window. As such, you can stack substrate to a depth that is fit for the reptile or amphibian which you are keeping. Examples are lots of sand or soil for burrowing reptiles. The high front window also allows you to comfortably create an interesting environment for your pet such as water features.

 The safety of your reptile pet is highly important. Therefore, the Reptile Treasures Knock down Terrarium is fitted with a tamper-proof and child-proof latch. It holds the doors together such that the terrarium cannot be accessed by unauthorized persons and is strong enough to keep your reptile or amphibian pet inside even if they push.

 Manufactured in the USA, this terrarium measures 32 x 24 x 18 inches and weighs only 24 pounds. As such, it is tall enough to keep your reptiles or amphibian pets comfortable. The height also allows for the addition of accessories such as false trees and branches.

Do you have some reptile or amphibian pets which enjoy climbing up and down their accessories? If so, this terrarium is ideal for your use. It has large glass panes which make it easy to observe every movement of your reptile pet. It has a raised bottom plate so you can install accessories such as a heating pad quite easily. Moreover, the top is removable. As a result, you can open it up for ventilation and also provide your pet with the necessary UVB and infrared rays necessary for their warmth. If you need a large and comfortable container for your reptiles or amphibians, the Reptile Treasures Knock Down Terrarium is a great choice.


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 If you keep a reptile or an amphibian as your pet, it is important to ensure that it lives in a comfortable environment. This can be provided by the Atasuki Knock Down Terrarium. It is a versatile unit which can house reptiles, amphibians and even insects on demand. The glass is high strength and the front doors are built as sliding units. As such, it is easy to access your pet in the terrarium for feeding or cleaning.

To keep your pet safe and secure, the terrarium has a tamper-proof latch. This one only allows access by people that you have authorized to reach into the unit. It is important to maintain the wellness and comfort of your pet. As such, the terrarium is built such that it has a top that you can remove on demand. This allows for better ventilation and provision of UVB and infrared rays to your pet. In addition to that, you can actually lock this top so as to maintain the internal temperatures of the terrarium for the comfort of your pet.

This terrarium measures 55″ x 22″ x 24″. It also weighs only 87 pounds hence is quite compact. The height of the unit allows you to place accessories which the reptiles or amphibians that you are keeping can climb upon. In this way, you maximize their comfort.

The front part of the terrarium has a glass panel which is fixed. It is at the bottom under the dual opening doors and is designed to be tall. As such, you can stack terrarium substrate to the height which is most comfortable for your pet. This is important for those that enjoy burrowing underground. Moreover, the tall height of the front glass panels makes it possible for you to create some pet environment features such as water ponds.



 The glass panels make the unit very fragile. Something as simple as a hard edge pressed upon the panel can result in shattered glass either during shipping or even after you set it up.

 The Atasuki Knock Down Terrarium does not come with a background wallpaper. As such, you have to print one or create an interesting background yourself.


The bottom of the Atasuki Knock-Down Terrarium is designed such that it is raised. As a result, you can easily install accessories such as heating pads underneath it quite easily. Moreover, it is fully water-tight hence you can comfortably install hydration features in the terrarium if you want to.

 The terrarium is made of stainless steel. Not only is it very strong, it is also highly rust resistant. Thanks to its dimensions, the unit has a lot of room that you can add accessories for your reptile or amphibian pets. Examples of these accessories include heating fluorescent bulbs. They are usually necessary to create hot and cold spots for your reptile pet.

 To make shipping easier, the Atasuki Knock Down Terrarium can be taken apart quite easily. The frame has sections which you can pull apart for the purpose of folding and storage. Upon setting up the unit once again after shipping, you can be sure that it will hold itself, the glass panes and the reptile which you have placed within firmly without falling apart.

The Atasuki Knock-Down Terrarium is a great container for your reptile pets. It is built to be tall so that you can place even accessories which require lots of upright space. The front fixed panel is tall. As such, you can stack substrate as high as you need. As a result, you can create a comfortable environment for the pets that enjoy burrowing. The unit has dual doors which open wide to allow for easier access into the terrarium, for feeding your pet or arranging accessories. If you desire to have a comfortable environment for your reptile or amphibian pets, this is a perfect solution.


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 The material tells it all

High-quality reptile terrariums are built using glass. It is clear, non-toxic and allows sun rays to easily penetrate. It also does not scratch easily which is very important as most reptiles tend to scratch their cages quite often. But simply being made of glass doesn’t cut it. Go for highly strengthened types of glass such as Corning Gorilla glass, tempered glass, and sapphire glass. This ensures that the terrarium is strong enough to secure your pet and quite durable.

You will come across lots of plastic terrariums in your quest for your pet’s home. Not only are they tacky and prone to scratches, but they can also be toxic to your reptile or amphibian pet. To tell a quality terrarium from a cheap one, look at the material used.

 Extra features

High-quality reptile terrariums have a wide collection of features which work together to make the unit more comfortable for your pets. In addition to this, these features allow you to interact with your pet easier. Examples of features available in high-quality reptile terrariums include removable mesh tops, rock formation backgrounds, raised bottom plates, background wallpapers, channels as well as grooves for wiring or tubing. They make it easier for you to attach accessories to your reptile terrarium. On the other hand, low-quality reptile terrariums don’t have many features such as these. If they do, they are usually poorly installed.


Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to purchasing reptile terrariums. There are a number of factors that you need to consider as you chose a terrarium for your pet. Read on to discover more about them.


This is a very crucial factor to consider in your search for a good terrarium for your exotic pets. Just like any other product, terrariums are available at various price points. Some are affordable while others are very expensive. A number of factors contribute to the cost of a terrarium. Examples of these factors are its materials, size, and capability. While picking a terrarium, begin by establishing a budget. After doing so, stick to it as you browse through possible options. Do not be enticed by offers on terrariums which are more expensive than your budget. Moreover, do not get tempted by too many features that you may not even need. Stick to your budget so as to get the right terrarium for your needs.

 Adaptation for accessories

To keep your pet as comfortable as possible, you should invest in some accessories for the terrarium. Examples of these are waterfalls, rock formations, ponds, substrate, and plants. As you pick a terrarium, ensure that it has channels through which you can run the necessary wiring or piping for these accessories. For example, if you want to put a waterfall in your terrarium, pick a unit that has some channels for inlet pipes. There are some terrarium models which have grooves and holes for this purpose. As such, have the adaptability to accessorizing giving you an easy time when the chance comes up.

 A raised bottom plate

One of the most important features that a terrarium should have is a raised bottom plate. This is so that you can have some space to install a substrate heater. Most reptiles and amphibians need warmth so as to survive. As such, you will need to invest in a substrate heater for your terrarium. This unit will heat up the moss, stones, wood or branches you have placed inside the terrarium hence boosting the comfort of your pet. The terrarium you pick needs to have a raised bottom so as to facilitate this. As such, pick a unit that has this feature as you seek a home for your reptile.

 The fixed front pane

An ideal terrarium has a fixed front pane which is tall. This feature should be like this so as to provide enough depth for you to stack substrate. Some reptiles and amphibians enjoy burrowing into their substrate. As such, you should facilitate this behavior by getting a deep terrarium. The fixed front pane should be up to one foot deep. As such, you can even create some extra features in the terrarium such as ponds and rock formations. Therefore, look out for the depth of the front fixed pane as you shop for a terrarium.


Terrariums are strong devices. However, they are still prone to get broken. If yours is tall, it could tip over and break. Moreover, stray objects could crash into it or it could get chipped during shipping. This call for the need to have a reliable warranty covering your terrarium. Look for one with a cover for two years and above.

 Size matters

When it comes to terrariums, size does matter. The ideal terrarium for a snake is definitely not the same as that for a lizard. As you shop for a terrarium, make sure to buy one that has enough room for your pet. Begin by measuring the length of your pet from nose to the tip of its tail. After that, make sure that the terrarium which you choose is five times as long as your pet and five times as wide too. This gives it ample space to roam freely while in the terrarium. More space also keeps your pet comfortable hence avoiding diseases brought about by stress.


Seeing as the practice of keeping reptiles and amphibians as pets are quite popular, there are many manufacturers in the industry competing to create the best terrarium for them. As a result, there are many brands in the market. Here are some of the best ones that you can consider when buying a terrarium for your pet.

 Exo Terra

This is a well-known brand which boasts very high-quality products. It is considered a premium brand in the terrarium industry. Their products are made of high strength glass held together by a stainless steel frame. They all have raised bottoms so that you can install accessories such as a heating pad to warm the substrate of the terrarium. Exo Terra terrariums have dual doors in the front of the unit which swings wide open to give access to the interior for cleaning, feeding or handling your reptiles or amphibians. The fixed glass section on Exo Terra terrariums is also quite tall. As a result, you can stack substrate to a high level within it. As a result, you can create extra features for your pets such as ponds and rock formations. To make the terrarium look and feel as natural as possible, Exo Terra terrariums have a background which is carved like a rock formation. Thus, your pet can climb upon it for exercise and exploration. The brand also manufactures accessories for terrariums. Exo Terra is one of the top brands in this industry.

 Zoo Med

Another brand of terrariums which you can get is Zoo Med. They are well known for their line of open air, mesh screen terrariums. Their products are perfect homes for reptile pets such as green iguanas, geckos, and chameleons. The terrariums from this brand are built to have two main doors in the front. The upper one is large and allows for quick and easy access to the pet and interior of the terrarium. The second door covers the lower section of the terrarium and opens up to allow for easy access to the terrarium substrate. You can use the lower door to access and remove the substrate in the terrarium. Zoo Med terrariums are made of black anodized aluminum and high strength glass. As such, they are resistant to rust and offer a secure home for your reptile or amphibian pet. The brand ships its products unassembled so you have to arm yourself with a screwdriver to get it all up and working. Available in 4 unique sizes, Zoo Med terrariums are of high quality and are compatible with a variety of accessories.


This brand of terrariums normally creates products which are designed for smaller reptiles or amphibians. Their terrariums are hexagonally shaped with a wide back end. Moreover, they have a heavy duty top covering that provides ventilation and still secures your pet firmly inside the unit. Kollercraft terrariums are made of acrylic panels. They are clear, strong and resistant to bumps or scratches. Their terrariums are compatible with accessories such as lamps and heating pads too. As a result, they are quite versatile and ideal for choice as starter or veteran terrariums. Unlike most other terrarium brands, Kollerkraft products are not accessible through a door in the front. You have to open up the top from above through the heavy duty lid. They are water tight. As such, you can create some water features in their terrariums. Capable of maintaining a micro climate, Kollerkraft terrariums are ideal for your pet reptile or amphibian.


Do you need to take your pet reptile or amphibian with you for a trip and need a terrarium for travel? In that case, Iris is the brand for you. They are well known for their plastic terrariums which are specially designed for traveling. Their products are made of clear plastic and have a heavy duty, openable top. Iris terrariums are small or medium sized. In addition to that, they have inlets for accessories such as air pumps and humidifiers. For on the go terrariums, Iris is a great brand.


If you have a reptile or amphibian which you are keeping as a pet, it is important to ensure that they are comfortable all the time. To do this, you need to use the correct type of terrarium for them. Every pet is unique. Hence, the terrarium that you pick should also be just as unique as they are. Interestingly, reptiles and amphibians are prone to developing diseases and conditions due to stress. Therefore, you should always strive to pick the correct terrarium for them. Here are some tips on how to choose the right terrarium for your needs.

 Go with glass

The most noticeable features of terrariums are their transparent panes. These can be made of materials such as glass, acrylic or plastic. Each of these materials is able to give you a clear view of your pet and still keep it securely locked in. However, not all are created the same. Out of the available pane materials, the ideal one to pick is glass. Firstly, terrarium glass is not the same as other types because it is strengthened. It doesn’t scratch or shatters easily. This provides your pet with a secure location to live in. Secondly, it is an inert material that will not cause any toxic reaction upon your pet. Plastic and acrylic could cause reactions that can harm your pet over time. Moreover, its smooth surface is difficult for your pet to climb up hence reducing the chances of escaping from your terrarium. As such, when shopping for a terrarium, choose the one with glass panes.

The frame

To keep the terrarium upright and hold the panes together is a frame. It gives the unit some form and structure. Generally, the frame determines the size of the terrarium. The larger it is, the more capacity is available for you. Frames are made of various materials. Examples of these are stainless steel, aluminum, plastic, and cast iron, wood, and cast aluminum. Each material has its own pros and cons. While some of these are highly decorative such as cast iron and wood, others are strong and long lasting such as stainless steel. As such, the type of frame that you choose depends largely on how long you want your terrarium to last and its appearance as well. A rule of thumb is that the frame should be stable and water resistant so as to provide a good structure for your terrarium.

 How easy it is to accessorize

Accessories are very important in a terrarium. They help to create an environment which is as close as possible to the habitat of your reptile or amphibian. Examples of these are false plants, branches, caves, wooden hideouts, stones, forest mulch, moss, rocks formations, and waterfalls. If chosen tastefully and placed in the correct way within your terrarium, these accessories can make your pet feel right at home. As you pick some, ensure that they match the original, natural habitat of your pet. Do some research and find out where your pet normally lives in the outdoors. After that, you can create a micro habitat for them in the using the accessories. Secondly, strive to find out the materials that your accessories are made of. After doing so, find out if your pet is allergic or negatively affected by any of these materials. This helps you to choose only the safest ones for your pet.


It is always important to ensure that your reptile or amphibian is comfortable in their terrarium. It is a proven fact that they are highly prone to stress-related diseases and conditions. As such, if you keep exotic pets of this nature, you should always make sure that they are comfortable and happy. You can do this by adding some accessories to their terrariums. Moreover, you can do the same by making sure all parts of the terrarium are working properly. This can be done by replacing malfunctioning or broken parts. Here are some of the items which you can use to this effect.


You will need two types of bulbs for your reptile terrarium. They include a heat bulb and an Ultraviolet light bulb. The heat bulb is designed to produce heat for the reptiles within the terrarium. These reptiles rely on heat bulbs to warm up their bodies whenever required.

Ultraviolet lights are divided into two main types, UVA, and UVB light. If your pet is normally active during the day, then you should provide an Ultraviolet bulb that produces UVB light. That’s because this type assists them to produce vitamin D and absorb calcium into their bodies. On the other hand, if your pet is active during the night, UVA light is suitable since it provides visual assistance to them. Therefore, the right bulbs are essential parts for your reptile terrarium.


While reptiles generally favor warm surroundings, too much heat is dangerous for them. Place the heat lamp strategically in the pet terrarium so that one end is hotter than the other. After that, invest in a pair of thermometers and place them in these opposite ends of the terrarium. While referring to professional guides about specific reptile temperature needs, adjust the heat produced by the heat lamp and maintain a cold temperature in the cooler end to create a suitable environment for your pet. Using these accessories, you can create a perfect temperature range in the terrarium for your reptile or amphibian pet.

 Foggers, misters, and hygrometers

Do you want to create an ideal micro-habitat for your reptile or amphibian pet? If so, these high-tech accessories can help you get there. Foggers and misters add moisture to the air within the terrarium to create a humid atmosphere like your pet would find in the rain forest. To help regulate the amount of humidity, a hygrometer comes in handy. Working together, these accessories can create a realistic environment in the terrarium for the comfort of your pet.


This is the material that covers the floor of your terrarium. Depending on the habitat that you are trying to mimic, the substrate can be dry or wet. If your pet’s habitat is a jungle then moss, reptile bark, and coconut husk make good substrate. On the other hand, if your pet’s habitat is the desert, then special sand and reptile carpet make ideal substrate. When choosing this accessory, let the habitat of your pet be your guide.


In this day and age, people are keeping all kinds of pets in their houses including interesting choices such as reptiles. To keep them comfortable and safe, you need to invest in a terrarium. This is a special type of container which contains all the features that are necessary to ensure that they stay in good condition. Here are some tips and tricks for maintaining your reptile terrarium.  

 How to keep your pet comfortable and willing to stay

While we may make every effort to keep our pets safe and comfortable in their terrariums, they are still animals in captivity. As such, their instincts will tell them that they need to escape at some point. While you may not get rid of this instinct

, you can make an effort to reduce it by providing a large terrarium for your pet. Observe the size of your pet and ensure that its terrarium is large enough in relation to its size. The terrarium should be big enough such that they can roam around it and not feel too confined. There should be a solid floor under the substrate of your terrarium. This is so that your pet does not get a chance to burrow right out. In addition to that, the walls of the terrarium should be smooth so that your pet does not simply climb out. Can your pet reptile or amphibian jump? If so, make sure that the top covering has some metallic mesh. The will provide ventilation and the penetration of UVB rays without giving your pet an open space through which they can escape the terrarium. By structuring your terrarium in these ways, you can keep your pet secure yet feeling free.

 Ground covering

Your pet should tread upon a comfortable surface when they are in your terrarium. This surface is generally known as the substrate. When choosing some substrate for them, make sure that it is soft yet firm. In this way, they will be comfortable even sleeping on it. Moreover, it should be of a material such that your reptile or amphibian can dig its claws into it so as to keep them trimmed. However, it should not be too soft because it will become difficult to clean in the terrarium. As such, an ideal combination would be a mixture of mold, bark, and sand. It is soft yet still firm enough to clean effectively. Remember not to use pure sand or gravel because your pet can end up eating some of it causing digestion issues. Moreover, avoid using dust since it can get airborne and cause them respiratory issues. Try to ensure that the substrate is at least one foot deep. This makes it possible for your pet to burrow too. If your reptile or amphibian is from a tropical climate, then you should ensure that the substrate stays moist.

 Strive to create a habitat

Before you begin shopping for a terrarium or accessories for your reptile pet, make sure to do some research into what their habitat looks like. Try your best to create a microhabitat for them. Pick accessories which provide spots where your reptile can run and hide on demand. This mimics the conditions of their natural habitat. In addition to that, make sure to add some pieces of wood and stones too. While doing so, remember to pick a large flat stone for your reptile pet to bask in the heat and light of the sun or your bulbs. While soon so, ensure that some parts of the terrarium are shaded as well. This provides your pet with an opportunity to go and cool off when required. As such, your objective should be to create some hot spots and cool ones too. As a rule of thumb, any accessories which you put in the terrarium should be firm. As such, your pet shouldn’t be able to push over any one of them and risk getting hurt.

A reptile terrarium is a very important unit for your pet reptile or amphibian. It is their home away from the wild. Essentially, it should be micro habitat for them.  As such, you have to get the right one for them. As you search for a terrarium for your pet, buy a good quality unit. The guidelines on how to identify a good one are indicated above. Also, Make sure that it satisfies your needs. In addition to that, purchase the correct brand of terrarium so as to enjoy reliability in the long term. There are various tips and tricks to help you take good care of your pet’s terrarium. They are indicated above. Moreover, you should make sure to accessorize the terrarium in a way that maximizes the comfort and wellness of your pet. All the information required to accomplish this is indicated for you. Make sure to follow them so as to keep your pet reptile happy, healthy and strong.


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