Whether you’re going to the grocery store, visiting family members across the state, or going on a cross-country road trip, it can be a load of fun to bring along your cat or dog for the car ride over there.

Your pet is your best friend, and both cats and dogs can be some of the best passengers out there. While most of their time is spent at your home, it can be a great experience for both them and you to take them out of the house every once and while to allow them to explore the whole world that is around them.

However, when it comes time to travel, things aren’t as easy as simply buckling them in and calling it good! Both cats and dogs require a bit of special attention and care when traveling in the car with you, and while this extra time and effort might seem like a hassle at first, it will go a long way in ensuring that you travel is much safer and easier for both you and your pet.

Even with that being the case, do you have any idea as to where to start to begin properly prepping your car for your pet? If you don’t, fret not! We understand that this might seem like a bit of a challenge, and that’s why we’re here to help. Today, we’ll be taking a look at a list of different items to take with you the next time that you travel with your furry friend.

Food and Treats

If you’ve got an especially long car ride ahead of you, you’re going to want to make sure that you bring along some food and treats that you pet is familiar with for the trip. Dried food can be easily stored away in a Ziploc bag, or you can even purchase a smaller bag of a brand that your dog knows and likes.

Canned food is also a great thing to bring along with you, but if you opt for this route, just be sure that you don’t leave your can-opener at home.


Just like food, water is equally important to bring with you when you bring you dog or cat along for a road trip. Along with being a necessity for your pet to stay healthy, water can be a great thing for your pet to consume if they develop an upset tummy during the car ride. Just like humans, pets can easily get carsick. So, if this happens to take place, water is a great way to get their stomachs to calm down.


When bringing all of this food and water with you, you’re also going to need something to put it in so your pet can properly eat and drink. There are plenty of portable bowls that you can find at any pet store that are made specifically for traveling with your pet, and they provide safe ways for your pet to eat and drink without taking up a lot of room in your vehicle.

Paper Towel

After a day of running around in the rain or mud, it will soon be time for your pet to come back into your car. However, to ensure that they don’t get your car dirty with the gunk they picked up during their adventures, bringing along a roll of paper towel will help to clean up not only their messy paws, but any other sorts of messes that happen to take place during the travel process.

Plastic Bags

Speaking of messes, don’t be alarmed if your pet happens to have an accident while traveling. Road trips can sometimes mess up their tummies, and as a result, it isn’t all that uncommon for them to have an accident while traveling in a car. When this happens, having a plastic bag to pick up after them will do a great job at masking the odor before you throw it away in a trash can.

There are plenty of other items that you can bring with you when you go out to travel with your pet, but the ones that we mentioned today are easily some of the most important ones to keep track of. The main goal when traveling with your pet is make sure that they stay safe and healthy, and as long as you keep that in mind, you shouldn’t experience too many problems at all.