So this PeakTec is another affordable and easy to use security camera. It’s camera resolution is only 720p, slightly less than the last camera we covered, but it’s still a pretty solid unit. Just like the Zebora, it has 2-way audio, tilt functions, night vision, and motion detection. It’s also geared toward the ”Nanny Cam/Baby Cam” and security markets, but works just fine as a pet monitoring device. Similar to the Zebora, this camera has a pretty decent motion sensor that sends you ”push notifications” or records directly to an SD card in the camera if you have one installed.


Let’s go in-depth a bit more with the PeakTec:

Brand and Model History

The PeakTec seems to be made by NexGadget, and this is where the public information on the company stops. NexGadget seems to be sold by a store called NexTech on and a few other online retailers. We are guessing that NexGadget is a placeholder brand stuck on many types of electronic devices made in China. Obviously, this can pose a problem if you need after-sale help or service. It also explains why many of these middle-range and lower-end devices look and work the same; lots of times, they are! Even if they don’t look the same, they sometimes use a lot of the same parts. ”Companies” simply trademark a name, ask some Chinese factories about parts and a MOQ (minimum order quantity) then get things assembled.

So there may be other products similar or the same as this PeakTec.

However, it doesn’t keep it from being a good device.


 No feeding feature. Sadly, a lot of the value of a pet cam isn’t really about surveillance. Just like with the Zebora, the NexGadget cam has no real pet-centric feature. If you have a pet cam that’s easy to set up and has clear resolution…you might just be setting yourself up to watch HD video of your dog destroying your house. A treat-dispensing option provides a pretty fair incentive to keep a pet in a room, or at least in the general area. The fact that the unit could dipense treats also allows pets to sort of remain conscious of the object, which might make the animal behave. If you need something like this or want it as a feature, you have to look elsewhere.

 No laser game feature. As with the feeding, this product wasn’t really designed for pets in mind. I guess if we were to look at it in a positive light, if your pets are already well-behaved, but you just want to talk to them or check on them, this might be a good purchase. But obviously the level of interactivity offered by this device is much lower than with some others.


 Easy connectivity and setup. The PeakTec has what they call ”one-key WiFi configuration” which is actually pretty easy to use in real life. Once you download the app (Android or iOS) and plug all the stuff in, it will ”find” your device on its own. All great in theory, but again, online and in real life this seems to work like a charm. Most all the reviews on the big e-commerce sites have this as a big positive, and when it comes to a barebones camera, it really benefits the product to get the setup and communication right.

 2-Way Audio. This is one of the most crucial features for those using this as a pet monitor. Theoretically, the camera can turn on and alert you if your pet starts doing something you don’t want it to do. Then you can simply turn on the speaker and tell your dog or cat to get off the table from half a world away! What’s crazy is this could also be used as a security feature. If you ever catch robbers in the act, you could theoretically tell them that the cops are on the way and get them out of the house.

Night-Vision capabilities. 2-way IR-CUT Night Vision is a feature used here like with most security-fucused cams. Great for 24-hour continuous surveillance. This means you can record and watch video even in full darkness, and for pet owners, the IR pickes up the eyes of pets very easily.

 Design allows for great Tilt and Pan capabilities. It’s something like 350 degrees vertical and 90 degrees up and down. This means depending on placement you can always see the whole room.

 1280 x 720p HD camera for high-resolution surveillance and recording.

Basically, the NexGadget is very similar to the Zebore. And we really like the Zebore. The only things that really bring down the NexGadget, (especially as compared to the Zebore) is that for one reason or another the Zebore has slightly better reviews online about the connectivity of the device with the app.

If you can find the Zebore, we recommend it; but if the Zebore isn’t available, the NexGadget will probably suit you well.


Just remember that the Zebore has a US-based company with an excellent service record, whereas we couldn’t almost find anything at all online about NexGadget.

This is a big big plus for the Zebore, but if you’re not extremely worried about the long-term use of a 65 dollar product, feel free to grab a NexGadget.