Well, the Veezon is also part of this group of cameras like the Zebora and the PeakTec. By now, you should know the laundry list; 720p camera resolution, teardrop shape, swivel ability, plastic housing.vNight vision, dedicated app, and this one has a QR code for easy setup, like some of our best-rated units.

Much like the others in its segment, this camera is also geared more towards overall home and business security and baby monitoring than it is a designed ”Pet Cam.” But as mentioned before, this item works great as a pet cam as long as you’re not looking for the extra features of those high-dollar units.


Let’s go in-depth a bit more with the Ouvis:

Brand and Model History

The Ouvis is once again one of many many Chinese-made cameras that are basically identical.nThis one stands out because they use a QR code to make installation on mobile devices easier, and they have a great customer service team!

Real, actual customer service is rare with this type of product, and this company actually employs two real live Americans who speak English and know their way around the products and their setup.



 The camera feed access passwords are easily hacked! Yes, and sadly, most hackers aren’t Anjelina Jolie. The password settings hard-wired into the system don’t allow extra characters like exclamation points and punctuation, so passwords to these things can be cracked by basc programs. This means, yes, there’s a fair amount of people who’ve reviewed this product online that got legitimately hacked. It’s never a good thing when you purchase something to increase security of your home, and instead you’re actually becoming less secure in a certain way.

 No feeding feature. Sadly, a lot of the value of a pet cam isn’t really about surveillance. Just like with the Zebora, the Ouvis cam has no real pet-centric feature. If you have a pet cam that’s easy to set up and has clear resolution…you might just be setting yourself up to watch HD video of your dog destroying your house. A treat-dispensing option provides a pretty fair incentive to keep a pet in a room, or at least in the general area. The fact that the unit could dipense treats also allows pets to sort of remain conscious of the object, which might make the animal behave. If you need something like this or want it as a feature, you have to look elsewhere.

 No laser game feature. As with the feeding, this product wasn’t really designed for pets in mind. I guess if we were to look at it in a positive light, if your pets are already well-behaved, but you just want to talk to them or check on them, this might be a good purchase. But obviously the level of interactivity offered by this device is much lower than with some others.


 Great customer service. A lot of these companies aren’t really OEM manufacturers that own factories and design products. They are instead holding companies that license existing designs or modify existing designs in China and then import them under a brand name. Unfortunately, sometimes this means that dedicated customer service and after-sale service is lacking. Not so with the Ouvis. They have a dedicated helpline with authentic, English-speaking Americans who knw their stuff answering phones and emails. This it what has given them good reviews on Amazon and YouTube.

 The apps work fairly well! Both iPhone/iPad and Android apps are available. Whether you have an Apple device or not, this Ouvis has an app for you. Either way, you can view live video footage direct from your phone or even on your PC. Comes in handy if you go out of town a lot or if you’re just concerned about your loved ones and belongings.

”One-Key” easy setup technology for App-to-Phone connections. Ouvis also uses One-Key WiFi Configuration to simplify the installation process. All you basically have to do is plug in the device and download their app. Then all you have to do is follow some prompts etc. What’s even better is that they also provide a QR code in the literature with the camera, which makes installation on a mobile device a snap.

 720p HD camera is pretty decent quality for a $50 unit.

 Two-way audio. Whether you’re trying to play with your dog or make sure little Timmy does his homework, this Ouvis has the ability for 2-way communication. Online reviews for this functionality are pretty good, with most users saying the back-and-forth talk isn’t hampered by much lag.

 Great tilting and panning. According to Ouvis they say you get 90 degree tilt and a full 355 Degree pan. Basically, if you put this in the corner of the room you’ll be able to basically see everything.

 Can record directly to SD Card. Kind of self-explanatory, but it helps that you can set up an alarm or set it to record when the camera detects movement.

This is a great product. Basically on the level of the Zebore camera, which is our highest-rated non-pet camera. The dedicated customer service and long record online of satisfied customers is a really good sign of a legit company. The only thing that keeps it out of a Zebora-like ranking is the low quality of password security. There aren’t too many accounts online of people getting their cameras hacked and manipulated by others from afar, but it seems to have happened to multiple people who bought this device. If you do buy this product, be sure to change your password frequently and do your best to make it something that isn’t easily guessed.

It’s the one downfall of waht otherwise is a wonderful camera.