So the Petkit Smart Wifi Video Monitor is all about movement and control. The design and overall feel of the product were created to basically give you sweeping views of your place and your pets. Basically, this is the camera for people who want to see a lot. Both online and in the field, it’s sort of the feature that testers and users rave about; that the camera can tilt and move 340 degrees. It comes in two flavors, basically; ”Pro” and ”Style.” Though, honestly, they’re pretty much the same.

The Pro version comes in a sort of silver metal finish, and has an LED accent light on the bottom. They all have the same 720p HD cameras, and are the same basic heights and weights. The main difference is in the finishes; the Pro is made of aluminum, while the ”Style” series seems to be plastic covered with whimsical prints. I get why they named the ”Pro” the way they did; it looks like something Will Smith would hold and carry as a weapon in a Jerry Bruckheimer film.

It almost looks like a bullet or some sort of light saber or something. Something expensive, to be honest. One can literally walk into a room, set this metal canister thing with a robotically-controlled camera in it, and say ”yeah, I got the Pro version.” This is pretty much why these two product lines exist. Sadly no such imagery exists for the ”Style” version, but the Style line has something the Pro one does not; a whole lot of cuteness. And when you’re seeling pet accessories, cuteness goes a long way. Of course it comes in your choice of dog and cat themes. If you have a rabbit, gerbil, ferret, or marmot, you’re out of luck.


This PETKIT device seems to be very similar to the Petcube in terms of price and actual functionality. The PETKIT and the Petcube are also basically the same price. The differences seem to lie in their appearance; the Petcube looks sort of like an Apple device or something that would be sold in the Sharper Image catalog back in the day. The PETKIT device looks like a Beats Pill or some sort of Bluetooth speaker covered in cute wallpaper! Some may find this to be a boon for the Petkit, so if you look at both devices and find that you prefer the Petkit, then there you go!

Brand Model History

Petkit is a Chinese company headquartered in Shanghai, and they actually make a full range of intelligent pet products. They also sell a bowl for pet food that automatically measures the portion size and temperature. They make a water bowl for both cats and dogs that has a built-in filtration system called ”Eversweet.” They’ve only ben around a few years, but have already won a couple design awards and have products sold in many countries.


 App seems to not install for many users on iPhone. This might be a deal-breaker for a lot of people. Almost every review of the app on the Apple App Store website say they can’t get the app to install. One user mentions the fine print of some sort of PETKIT user agreement or T&C…which says that there are no returns. Again, not an encouraging sign.

 No feeding feature. At $150, this unit is only $10 or $20 away from devices that have a feeding feature. Not a good comparison in the eyes of the PETKIT device.

 Night vision feature is lacking. Okay, so at least on this one, it ranks with the others. At least using the observations of the majority of online users, no ”night vision” feature seems to work well.

 App seems to need a bit more polish on all platforms. As written above, a lot of users and reviews online have had problems with the app’s installation and usage. It’s a shame,because the screenshots really have a nice and clean GUI that really compliments and echos the latest iOS. But if the whole shebang doesn’t work, any sort of design improvement or refinement is moot. It is really these issues with the app that really keeps this unit from climbng higher in the rankings.


 HQ 720p camera with extended range and rotational capabilities. In a world of copycat devices, its nice to see a company come up with something that increases functionality while remaning original. This device does just that. The ”rotateable” cylinder for sure should increase the range of the camera, and almost as importantly, it looks as if the device does this. When you look at the device, it almost instantly conveys its functionality to you. This is good.

 Built-in ”lazer tag” game for the amusement of your pets. Like many of the devices outlined in our guide, this one has a great ”lazer-tag” game that is great for a lot of cats. Might be good to play in the dark for added drama?

 Dedicated PETKIT app for connection purposes. App seems to have a much better reputation with online reviewers in the Android iteration than with the iPhone. So if you’re the owner of an Android device, this is some good news.

 Microphone and speakers integrated in the device for 2-way communication. It’s surely a crucial and interesting feature to give your pet the sound of your voice from afar. This is what the PETKIT unit seems to do well along with the camera panning features.

This PETKIT product is ”close, but no cigar.” For the money, or even a little more or a little less, you can probably find a device that suits your needs better. What I would do if I was in charge of this company would be two things: the first would be to tighten up the installation and fuctionality of the app. Half of what you are buying with these devices is communication and integration with and through your smartphone and tech devices. This area seems to really need a fair amount of work with the PETZI.

Secondly, I would do everything I could to get the price down. At present, the PETZI is right in the middle of the price bracket, and surrounded by products that look nicer and have better ratings online for connectivity and useability. The only thing that really seems to separate the PETZI from the pack in a positive way is the device’s original and whimsical wallpaper. In many way’s it’s cute, and you can’t really underestimate the power of cute sometimes! I would recommend this product to people who like the whimsy and cuteness of the PETZI, and also can get the thing connected and working. Make sure you buy it from a retailer that has a liberal repair policy, but if after all that, it works, then by all means, this product is for you.