The Petzi Treat Cam, not unlike the Pawbo, is a well-connected and well-thought-out device. It’s one of the best in the list for sure. There are some small issues with durability and connectivity that keep it from taking the top slot, but honestly those issues are minor. If the Pawbo isn’t available in your area, the Petzi will probably take care of your needs. Like the Pawbo, the Petzi has a dedicated app that handles things in the connectivity department. It has a pretty good reputation online, but some users have reported negative issues…so if you purchase the Petzi, try and procure from a reputable shop. As long as you test out the connection properties within the return/repair window, you’ll probably be fine. Also: make sure you have small treats for the dispenser. The few people online who expressed displeasure wth this unit usually talked about the dispenser jamming or treats being too big for the device. Obviously, if you’re intelligent enough to buy small treats for the unit, you won’t have that problem.


This is one of the high-end units, and as long as you have all the kinks worked out with setup, it should be all good. What distinguishes this unit from many of the other pet cameras is that this one has night vision! Well, sorta. Lots of online reviews state that the night vision feature doesn’t really work. The only person that basically said something positive about it remarked that they ”could tell if my dog’s eyes were open or not,” and basically nothing else. However, despite some negatives, this machine seems to work well. Online reviews for the Petzi are good.

Brand and Model Information

Petzi is a San Francisco startup company that according to their Kickstarter is focused on the ”IoT” aka the ‘Internet of Things.’ This concept is basically about automation, and what will happen when theoretically in the future many of our household gadgets and devices will have Internet connectivity. Petzi takes that ethos to the world of pet parenting.


 Access only through the app. This messes with people sometimes b/c if you’re by definition out of the house, you might not be near WiFi. So it helps if you own this device to have a hefty data plan with your mobile network, or be handy with finding WiFi. The other negative with this is if you’re traveling somewhere where there isn’t much of a mobile signal, obviously you lose access. This is not a problem unique to the Petzi, obviously.

 No ”lazer tag” game for those who want it. I’m suspecting cats are more into this than dogs? Either way, it’s a feature this unit does not have.

 Night vision is very very basic, according to many users. I guess this also makes sense, this is something that costs a couple hundred bucks at most, meaning, it’s probably not up to US Special Forces Seal Team 6 standards. It still causes this unit to lose a little bit of points here, but we have learned through research that the night vision might be fixable by adjusting the sensitivity settings.

 Some connectivity issues for some users. Obviously, again, when you’re dealing with an infinite number of phones and mobile devices, and an infinite number of 3rd party routers and WiFi gear, connectivity problems will arise. And to the credit of Petzi, the large majority of users figured everything out just fine. But of course we as a guide have the obligation to report our findings…and for us there seems to be more problems with this unit than with our top-ranked one. Basically, if you’re worried, make sure and purchase your Petzi from a retailer that has a flexible return policy.

 Finally, it seems that there has been some negative experiences reported with the dispenser. On the safe side, just buy small packages of treats or food to start with. This way, if what you have gets jammed up in the machine, you aren’t out of pocket for a 250-pound bag.


 Ease of connectivity is consistent with a high-end device. Native app controls everything. True to the Silicon Valley headquarters of Petzi, there is a dedicated iPhone app for the device. If you have an Android phone you’re good to go as well. The device connects via WiFi, not a wired connection, so this is where some people have issues. Depending on the Internet coverage you have with your WiFi router, your placement options might be limited.Looking at the percentages though, almost all users had a positive experience with the Petzi.

 Treat dispenser! The Petzi people at least in thir literature say that their device accepts a multiple variety of treats, and that the Pezi releases them ”in the most fun way possible.” It is kind of cool to be able to both see and hear your pet from afar, just by using a phone.

 Video and 1-way audio work decently. Multiple people can download the free Petzi app and get video/audio access. If you give out your password, other people can als of course engage the other options, like treating or talking to your pets. Great if you have a multiple-person household or if you have a nanny or butler (lucky folks!)

 Fairly easy to share photos and videos to Instagram or other social media…they even have their own unique social media network! Again, trading on the Silicon Valley smarts of this company, they have their own Pezi social ”petwork” that has its own dedicated servers and infrastructure. Kind of nice as a free bonus.

 Nominal night vision capabilities. This is very good for people who may have problems with dogs barking in the nighttime and annoying neighbors.

 The newest-available unit has a microphone. For some users, this is a really big deal. Again, most importand for people who are concerned about barkers.

The Petzi Treat Cam is a good unit. I might recommend it over our top-rated camera if the ”lazer tag” and night vision features appeal to you, or you can find one of the latest units that seems to have a two-way microphone. As we tried to reflect in the numerical score given to the two, this unit is basically the same thing as our #1. Assess your needs and make your decision accordingly.